4-Day Working Week Preposterous


It’s been announced that over 100 UK companies have, or plan to have, a four-day work week for their employees. 

The move came after a group, called The 4 Day Week Campaign, said the 100 companies employ over 2,500 staff and range from the world of marketing to the world of banking. 

A reduction in working days is seen as a move to improve work/life balance and improve the mental health of staff. A statement by them said: ‘’The 4 Day Week Campaign offers accreditation to UK employers who have moved all of their employees to a four-day working week, with no loss of pay.’’


Preposterous Concept

I don’t know about you, but I find the prospect of a four-day work week to be deeply unsettling. When I was in school, I was told to knuckle down, work hard, and never complain. It wasn’t uncommon to find me working 50, 60, and 70-hour weeks, relishing the chance to make a fortune and learn some old-school principles. 

Such a prospect is a reminder that Britain, and the world in general, is getting more and more soft as the years go on. Gone are the days of walking into a pub and finding scores of people enjoying a pint after a long day at the offices or down the coal mines - spending their meagre pay on a few drinks and the chance to unwind next to their similarly-knackered colleagues. 

Today, our bars and restaurants are filled with overpaid, spoiled workers who, after a few hours of work, talk about their ‘hustle’ and belittle our well-meaning politicians for working them into the ground. I don’t know about you, but I feel that this behaviour will only get worse if workers are let out of their workplaces at 3pm every day. 

Royal Mail Is Out Of Touch

Royal Mail Is Out Of Touch

Triple Dividend Policy

A laughable statement by a comrade of The 4 Day Week Campaign read: ‘’The four-day week is generally considered to be a triple dividend policy – helping employees, companies, and the climate. Our research efforts will be digging into all of this.’’

I would never even consider giving a four-day week to my workers as I worry that they’ll spend all of their free time reading Karl Marx and being brainwashed into thinking I’m some cruel, rich overlord. Whilst the ‘rich’ part of that analysis is wholeheartedly true, I remain a very compassionate boss to everyone who does work for me that I don’t want to do. 

I sincerely hope this ridiculous concept never reaches the British mainstream, and that we raise a generation of workers who are punctual, hardworking, and, most importantly, entirely subordinate to their overlords.


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