Royal Mail Is Out Of Touch


Ban On Flags

The Royal Mail have banned drivers from proudly flying England or Wales flags during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

The company has a zero-tolerance on flags being displayed due to alleged health and safety rules, but I have a feeling the company simply enjoys being the thought-police. 

Royal Mail stated that flags can cause other drivers to be distracted on the road - potentially leading to danger. Whilst I’m all for safe driving, I cannot believe that the hard-working staff are not allowed to express themselves during this festival of football. 

Just Stop Oil Hijacked 2022

Just Stop Oil Hijacked 2022

Comments Out Of Touch

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "Flags also introduce the risk of confrontation with other road users or pedestrians. For this reason, we do not permit celebratory flags to be displayed. It's a company-wide policy across the business and covers trollies, vans and lorries.’’

The statement is, as far as I’m concerned, a cop-out - and I wouldn’t be surprised if the real reason for the Royal Mail’s anti-flag stance is typical corporate bureaucracy. 

One driver lamented: "Flying the flag is like showing your pride. World Cups used to be fun with the England flags. Now we can't do it."

After all the graft they put into their work, the least the Royal Mail staff deserve is some freedom of expression. Whether you support England, Wales, Scotland, or any other nation, we’ve always prided ourselves for our democratic society where residents can think and speak what they wish (so long as I agree with it) without fear of tyranny. 

If anybody has a problem with the English and Wales flag, let them speak to me. Though I am a class above the average working Brit, I can still relate to their struggles and I find it essential that they be able to share their patriotism no matter where they were born. 

Mick Grinch's Nightmare Before Christmas

Mick Grinch's Nightmare Before Christmas

Moral Decline

Such a decision is a reminder of the country’s moral decline. Once, it was common to see St. George flags flying proudly on the street during the World Cup, however the decline of expressive patriotism and the creativity-sucking agenda of Corporate Britain has led to this being a sight from yesteryear. 

Royal Mail really have missed their mark on this one. As the World Cup continues to rage on, a package full of patroistm surely wouldn’t go amiss. 


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