A Requiem For Boris Johnson


The people have got what they wanted. 

Last week, to a crowd of weeping and lamenting fans, the superb Boris Johnson resigned from his post and will leave Downing Street after almost three years in charge. 

The shocking resignation brings an end to a golden era in Britain’s illustrious story. It was only six years ago that the UK was the world’s laughing stock as the Brexit debacle (combined with a humiliating footballing loss to Iceland) reminded us how far we’d fallen.


Swashbuckling Maverick 

Britain was in dire need of a shake-up and, whilst I supported Theresa May, I found her leadership lacking in the kind of eccentric brilliance we’d have been treated to by a Johnson or a Rees-Mogg. Unable to find any answers or convince Parliament of her Brexit plan, May resigned as PM and handed the keys to the country over to a new candidate. 

After dismantling the terrifying Jeremy Corbyn in the 2019 Election, Boris Johnson strutted into Downing Street and unleashed his own brand of swashbuckling, maverick politics. To some, the man was a cartoon. 

Too posh, yet too unkempt. Too educated, yet apparently lacking in common sense. Yet to me, this was Brand Boris - a seasoned and experienced politician with his own way of doing things. My friends didn’t believe me, but I kept saying that the fortunes of this wonderful country were about to change very soon, and they did. 

Johnson’s election was not short of controversy. Hounded out by the left-leaning press, tensions came to a head in December 2019 when Boris smartly sought refuge in a fridge to avoid a media onslaught by Good Morning Britain. Some called it cowardly, I called it smart. 

18-Years On And Reagan Remains One Of The Greatest

18-Years On And Reagan Remains One Of The Greatest

COVID Challenges

Little did we know, though, that the defining era of Johnson’s reign was just a few months away. In late February 2020, the threat of COVID-19 became too large to ignore and the world faced its largest health crisis in over a hundred years. 

In typical Johson fashion, Boris duly locked down the country and declared that the health of the country was his main priority. Backed by a dream team of advisors like Dominic Raab and Matt Hancock, Britain could have been in safe, more capable hands. 

I’ll never forget the daily press conferences during the coronavirus pandemic. Much like his predecessor, Winston Churchill, Johnson brought strength, stability, and statesmanship to a country that was on its proverbial knees. He acknowledged that the situation was tough and unprecedented, but he vowed that he would guide us through the pandemic and walk us into better times. 

Vaccine Roll-Out And Brexit

Fast forward two years later, and the throws of the pandemic are (hopefully) over and Britain led the way in the vaccination efforts. Though Boris claimed not to have invented the vaccine, I have a sneaky suspicion he actually did yet is too humble to admit it. 

He’s also too humble to admit that he’s been the main architect of Brexit. Sadly, the smear campaign against him concocted by the press means that millions of Brits will grow old without knowing just how great their former Prime Minister has. As news of his resignation filtered in, I’m not ashamed to admit I was on the verge of tears. 

Boris Johson leaves office as one of the greatest politicians in British history and his reign has produced several iconic moments. Though I know I’ll look back on his time with great fondness, the tenderness I feel in my heart causes me to only remember him with tears in my eyes.


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