Truss Pledge To Deal With The Lefties!


Liz Truss has promised a group of important Conservative MPs that she’ll impose a brutal, and needed, crackdown on sympathy to the left and their incessant need to start a culture war. 

There has been a worrying increase in backward, self-congratulatory behavior in both in Parliament and in society - a trend that champions ‘political correctness’ over anything. Statues have been pulled down, Royal art has been censored, and episodes of classic British comedy programs have been heavily edited to fit the requirements of modern viewers.


PC Practices Undermining

So-called ‘PC’ practices threaten to undermine the Government and the Royal Family - Britain’s two most important institutions - and Liz Truss promises to revert back to type and show the left who is boss. 

This is music to my ears and I’m well and truly sick of the constant pandering we have to do to the liberals. Their reign of terror has been well-documented across our universities, but now the government is being forced to change their tune to fit the left’s ideology (or should I say, liedieology). It’s an absolute disgrace and I’m incredibly proud of Truss for sticking up for the huge number of conservative-inclined thinkers and Royal-lovers out there. 

I Stand By John Cleese On Woke Culture Comments

I Stand By John Cleese On Woke Culture Comments

Truss Pledge

Truss pledges to bring the country back to reality and ensure a Royalist, right-wing victory in the enduring culture wars. With her at the helm, Britain can leave its politically-correct set of values behind and focus on what really matters - dominating the world stage and leaving other nations green with envy.

Whether Truss or Sunak takes charge, we can sleep well at night knowing the security of our country is in safe hands. Sunak’s economic prowess and Truss’s common-sense leadership make a dynamic duo, and I for one don’t mind which one of these two gets given the keys to 10 Downing Street. 

Truss has won a lot of respect from the public for her championing of conservative values and the fight against the radical left. It is a shame, and a disgrace, that people like Mick Lynch are allowed to roam our streets and broadcast their terrifying, Trotskyite agenda to the innocent public. Another disgrace is the sheer number of anti-Royal and anti-Government ‘comrades’ who spend their days bashing our well-meaning leaders on social media. With Truss on top, this shameful behavior will surely end and the public really will have to be careful about what they say online.

Rees-Mogg Could Have Been The Antidote

Rees-Mogg Could Have Been The Antidote

Road To Redemption

There are, however, people out there who continue to question Truss’ dedication to her cause. One MP stated: ‘’She said the right things but does she believe it? She used to be a Remainer and was a Liberal at university.’’

It’s indeed true that Truss used to be a Remainer, however I’m willing to overlook this and proclaim that we all make mistakes in life. Truss has indeed learned from her ways and has transitioned from the dark side of liberalism into the beaming sun of the British right-wing. Hopefully, her story of redemption will serve as inspiration for the country’s millions of misguided Liberals out there.  

Though Boris Johnson left a reign so historic and magnificent it is impossible to follow, politicians like Liz Truss remind us that the current post-Brexit golden age we’re in is in strong, capable hands.


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