All Hail Lampard’s Grit


I woke up this morning to the sound of loud, hard chewing. Turns out it was just critics of Frank Lampard eating their words for breakfast. 

After his appointment as Everton manager at the beginning of the year, the Chelsea legend has been the recipient of a campaign of abuse as critics point at his ‘failures’ in his previous job as evidence he doesn’t have the guile to keep The Toffees in the Premier League. 

Who’s laughing now? After their stunning, inspiring victory over Chelsea last week, Lampard guided his team to yet another victory - this time away at Leicester City. The performance was full of grit, determination, and belief as Everton kept out talented Leicester squad at bay. 


Lampard Proving His Qualities

Does beating two former Premier League champions in consecutive weeks not sound impressive to you? If it doesn’t, I’d love to know what you’ve been smoking so I can ban you from my household forever. 

Lampard is quickly proving that his footballing qualities are not merely limited to those of a player. It may have ended on a sour note at Chelsea, but even the most casual of football fans will tell you how hard it is to succeed at that club, especially as a young manager. 

It was only a few weeks ago that Everton were in serious danger of going down and harsh, unfunny critics were laughing at their plight. I, for one, found this to be nothing short of a disgrace when you consider how much Everton have provided to this league over the years. 

They’re only of six clubs in the Premier League to play multiple seasons without having never been relegated. There were the great years under David Moyes and the impressive season under Carlo Ancelotti. They may be a little short on trophies, but I’d consider Everton one of the great English teams. 

Arise Sir Roy Hodgson

Arise Sir Roy Hodgson

Lampard The Saviour

That’s why seeing them in the bottom three caused me so much discomfort. The club absolutely did not deserve to be in the relegation places and desperately needed a saviour to guide them to safety. Luckily for them, that saviour arrived in Frank Lampard. 

I may be speaking a little prematurely here, but I think Lampard should be considered for Manager of the Season. He’s taken a stagnant, flaky squad and turned them into slayers of former champions. Though I’m sure Klopp and Guardiola will receive all the plaudits this season, I can’t look past Lampard’s achievements in his short tenure at Goodison Park. Plus, he’s one of our own, and it’s always satisfying to see English managers succeed. 

I Am Still Reeling From Man City’s Champions League Exit!

I Am Still Reeling From Man City’s Champions League Exit!

A Victory For English Football

Hopefully Everton can kick on now and win the remaining games to ensure their Premier League survival. In the summer, it’s vital that the board backs their manager and provides the signings needed to turn The Toffees back into the force we all know they should be. Should Frank Lampard continue to impress next season, then I have to pip him as a future England manager and one that has the potential to be one of the best of his generation. 

Critics of Lampard need to understand that a victory for the Everton boss means victory for English football as a whole. People rightly voice their frustrations about the lack of successful English managers yet are happy to laugh when Everton, Aston Villa, or Newcastle United lose. 

It’s a joke that I’ve never found funny and can never understand. Surely we should be supporting our homegrown managers rather than wishing they’d get relegated or sacked? Let’s leave the jealousy to other nations and focus on wishing English managers, coaches, and players every success in their endeavours. 

I salute you, Frank Lampard, now go out there and make it three victories on the bounce.



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