Arise Sir Roy Hodgson


Hodgson To Retire

Roy Hodgson has announced he’ll be leaving Watford FC at the end of the season and he expects to retire. The 74-year-old has been in management since 1976 and has managed clubs such as Inter Milan, Liverpool, Fulham, Malmo, West Bromwich Albion, and the England national team. 

Hodgson took over at Watford midway through this season and has been unable to guide the club up the table and clear of the relegation zone. Though performances have improved, the veteran manager has struggled to build long-term momentum and the club continues to languish in the bottom three. He’s only won two of his games in charge despite having a talented squad of players in both attack and defence. 

After his four-year spell in charge of Crystal Palace, Hodgson retired from football only to come back out once Watford came calling. Now, he’ll finally be able to enjoy a well-earned retirement and realise that his legacy within the sport has been well and truly cemented. 

I Am Still Reeling From Man City’s Champions League Exit!

I Am Still Reeling From Man City’s Champions League Exit!

A Reminder Of British Industriousness

In a world so painfully thin of English managers, Roy Hodgson serves as an enduring icon of our beautiful game and a reminder of British industriousness. He’s seen some ups and downs over the decades, but has never let circumstances get the better of him. His time in charge of the England national team may have been disappointing (his last game being the dismal humiliation to minnows Iceland in 2016) but we can’t deny the impact he’s had on football throughout his long career. 

English managers may rant about not being given a chance (a consensus I do agree with) but they should take a look at Hodgson as an example of hard work and adaptability. If you ask me, Hodgson deserves nothing less than a Knighthood. 

I think it’s a disgrace that he isn’t talked about more. He may not have the league titles of Carlo Ancelotti or play the scintillating football of Pep Guardiola, but Hodgson’s style of management represents everything about British charm - he’s composed, calm, and highly pragmatic. Dare I say that the 74-year-old is a symbol of everything Britain should be. 

Finally A Regulator To Eradicate Corruption In Football

Finally A Regulator To Eradicate Corruption In Football

A Knighthood Would Be Deserved

That’s why it’s so upsetting to see Roy Hodgson’s departure. Luckily for us, we’ll be in good hands as the next generation of British managers await to take his mantle. We have Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Graham Potter, Eddie Howe, and the awe-inspiring Gareth Southgate taking care of matters at home, so my disappointment isn’t too severe. 

Hodgson was recognised as a CBE earlier this week but I think even this great honour does him a disservice. Icons of British football should be celebrated to the highest extent and I’m sure our dear Queen has already hand picked him for a Knighthood. If she does, then I’ll be even more pleased with her than I am right now (if that's' even possible). 

The long-serving manager leaves a game radically different from the one he joined as a youth player in 1963. Gone are the terraces, tough tackles, and black-and-white television coverage so common back then and in are the ultra-wealthy players, state-backed owners, and futuristic stadiums. 

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Jack Grealish Has Turned Out To Be A £100m Flop!

Farewell Roy

Call me old-fashioned, but I’d happily be transported back to those glory days to watch a game of football the way it should be played and in stadiums built in the way they should be - with the everyday fan in mind rather than rich corporate executives. 

I’d like to personally thank Roy Hodgson for his services to our national sport and wish him well in his retirement. The English game will continue to evolve and I have do doubt that this year we’ll achieve World Cup success in Qatar. I’m sure Mr. Hodgson will be watching from the stands. 



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