All Hail The Arrival Of ‘His Majesty’ Passport


A New Passport Era

The widely-anticipated King Charles passports are set to be issued soon as the nation enters its glorious new era. British travelers will now be able to read ‘His Majesty’ on their passports for the first time since 1952, bringing us back to an era where society made sense and the youth knew their place. 

Home Secretary Suella Braverman spoke eloquently when she said: For 70 years, Her Majesty has appeared on British passports and many of us will not remember a time when she did not feature’’, before adding: “Today marks a significant moment in UK history, as the first British passports since 1952 start featuring the title of His Majesty, the king.”

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on 8 September 2022, leaving an empty chasm in my life that was only filled upon the coronation of King Charles earlier this summer. Whilst it’s been extremely difficult to move on from Her Majesty, the arrival of the new passports has helped me move on in my life. 

Evolving Britain

The media should be ashamed of itself for recycling the same stories about the cost-of-living crisis as other, far more important, issues are out there; such as how the Royals are doing in the wake of Megxit and the Queen’s death. Whilst other Brits may be preoccupied thinking of how they’re going to spend their money or how many iced coffees they’re going to purchase, I’m proud to admit that the bulk of my worries revolve around just how King Charles is adjusting to his new role as Britain's King. 

The introduction of the new passports is further evidence that Britain is moving on and that we must evolve with it. There are still millions of the old burgundy passports in circulation, but there will come a time when these become obsolete and they become nothing more than items of nostalgia. It’s emotional, but such change is inevitable in a land as forward-thinking as Great Britain. 

King Charles III does not need a passport, but I know I’m not alone when I say I’m proud to have his name on my passport as I travel the globe. 


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