Another Stellar Interview Piers!


The incomparable Piers Morgan once again showed his class by conducting a thoroughly-enjoyable interview with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

The interview, which lasted for over an hour, showcased Morgan’s knack for conversation and his eagerness to ask tough questions. Just when I think Morgan couldn’t top his stellar 2022, the journalistic icon once again proves me wrong. 

Whilst it can’t do the interview justice by simply writing about it, I found the piece of television to be enlightening, intelligent, and dare I say, positively whimsical. Morgan pressed on hardball subjects like the Zahawi tax saga, but he also kept it light by asking Mr. Sunak a variety of fun questions. 

Sensational Piers

Mr. Morgan has always been a superstar in my eyes. Last August, the host flew to Ukraine to interview the Klitshko brothers, putting his personal safety on the line for the sake of his craft. Just three months later, Morgan caused a sensation by interviewing Cristiano Ronaldo - where the football legend aired his grievances about his ill-fated return to Manchester United. 

I could go on all day about Morgan’s outstanding work. This interview, done to mark Sunak’s 100th day in charge, certainly met the lofty expectations we all have for him. 

A highlight of the interview came when Morgan asked the PM about the latter’s fondness of the Vanilla Ice song Ice, Ice, Baby. Sunak, ever the showman, replied by saying he often hums the song, before quickly stating ‘’we will not do that now!’’.

 Not All Fun And Games

The interview was not all fun and games, however, and Morgan was quick to double-down on matters like the ongoing strike epidemic, Sunak’s own tax affairs, and the Prime Minister’s wealthy upbringing. 

Sunak admitted he was ‘financially fortunate’ - a statement that left me grinning from ear-to-ear, before adding that he had always been taught to work hard. Regardless of what your political persuasions are, you can’t deny that Sunak’s response to his wealthy upbringing was dripping in humility and class. 

Piers Morgan will continue to outdo himself in 2023, and I cannot wait to see what the legendary host has in-store for us. He’s certainly set a high-bar with the Sunak interview, and God only knows where’ll go from here. 


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