Oh Dear Richard


Legendary TV host Richard Madeley is once again in hot water after 66-year-old misgendered singer Sam Smith on an episode of Good Morning Britain

The 66-year-old was discussing Smith’s provocative new music video, for the song I’m Not Here To Make Friends, when the slip-up occurred. 

Madeley referred to Smith as ‘him’ when discussing the music video, before co-host Sussanna Reid corrected his mistake. All was well afterwards as Smith accepted the error and Madeley’s apology, but long-time Madeley fanatics will know that this was just the latest installments in the catalogue of gaffes that have taken place across his long career.


Madeley Crowning Moments

The former Richard and Judy host  is sometimes affectionately compared to Alan Partridge due to his habit of saying exactly the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time, but his enduring career on our screens is a testament to the public’s love for him. 

Perhaps Madeley’s crowning moment was the time he dressed up as Ali G in 2000. Sacha Baron Cohen’s brash, outspoken parody of that era’s ‘chav’ culture was in perfect and hilarious contrast to Madeley’s upper-middle-class demenour, and the unlikely cosplay was one of the few true memorable moments on This Morning. 

The host has also had compilations of his jarring social commentary and oversharing-habits made - the titles of which often fall under the ‘just like Alan Partridge' banner. A YouTube video where he talks about his then-upcoming novel The Nightbook is littered with comments comparing him to the fictional Radio Norfolk host and former Toberlone addict, the users quick to point out their similar mannerisms, voices, and cadences. 

Not Done With Malice

But we wouldn’t have it any other way. As offensive as Madeley can be sometimes, it’s vital to note that his errors and poorly-timed comments never come from a place of true malice and one gets the impression that he sometimes regrets what he’s saying before he’s even finished a sentence. Madeley is no supervillain and instead he’s comparable to an embarrassing dad around the Christmas dinner table - you know he means well, but everyone knows he’ll make the conversation awkward at some point. 

He may not be perfect, but I can’t imagine daytime TV without Madeley’s oddball antics and his penchant for unintentional offense. There’s a reason why he’s been able to stay relevant for so long, and if gaffes were going to end his career, they would have already done so. 


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