Arctic Front Blasts Britain


Britain is set to ice-over and life as we know it will not be the same for at least a couple of days. What’s happening?

A surge of freezing weather has descended on Britain, turning our cobbled streets white with snow and freezing our ponds and lakes. The Arctic blast is giving us horrifying flashbacks to 2018’s Beast in the East storm and reminding us that this painfully-long winter is not over yet.

Yellow Weather Warnings 

Snow showers battered the north of Britain in midweek whilst the south is being subjected to heavy rainfall and gray, gloomy conditions. London commuters traveled to work in a snowstorm and the battering is set to continue as the week unfolds. Spring is just weeks away, but Mother Nature is determined to prolong the winter season for as long as humanly possible.

Yellow weather warnings are being issued as far south as Hampshire and drivers are being told to stay on high-alert for ice and sleet conditions. Whilst snow is considered a quant, charming addition to our streets, I think I speak for everyone when I saw these conditions are happening far too late in the year for our linking. 

The sunny days of August and September now feel like they took place a lifetime ago and the 2023 spring sunshine will most likely be embraced by the entire country. Some Brits may be tempted to escape the miserable weather and jet-off for sunnier shores only to find that the snow has caused their  local airports to close. This is the case in Bristol, where the icy battering has grounded all flights from its airport. 

Batten Down The Hatches

It seems that the United Kingdom simply cannot catch a break right now. As we deal with government turmoil, mass strike action, and the never-ending Harry and Meghan drama, we at-least deserve some good weather to make our days go by a little bit faster. The weather Gods do not seem to agree, however, so we should all buckle up for some chilly days ahead.

The snowfall is being forecasted to at least Friday, with weather warnings being given everywhere north of Birmingham until 6pm on Friday. 

We may be three months into 2023, but winter is going to be here to stay for some time. Britain must batten down the hatches and prepare for one chilly blast from the Arctic before it can confidently say that winter is over. It’s taken an excruciatingly-long time, but it’ll be well-worth it in the end. 


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