As Inflation Hits 9%, I Lament Glorious 1982


What a glorious time that was. I thought Britain being ‘back in the 1970s’ was a salivating prospect, but the idea of being in 1982 is even better. For starters, we were treated to Thatcher’s historic reign for the entire decade and there seemed to be no end to Britain’s, and my personal, prosperity.

Only Fools And Horses was in its prime years, punk rock was finally dead, and globalisation was about to be felt around the world. There was optimism for the new technology ahead, and many people in the city centres (such as myself) were about to make an absolute fortune. If only we knew how good life was then. I also still had hair. 


Great Success And Memories

The era made me a lot of money and provided me with great memories. I often look back on these years with misty-eyed nostalgia and a philosophical wonder about where exactly all those years have gone. 

Inflation was at 9% forty years ago, much as it is now, yet life in 2022 is not nearly as enjoyable and Britain is far from the utopia it once was. Shows like Only Fools and Horses have never been topped, the charts were never full of the same calibre of music again, and Mrs. Thatcher’s wonderful reign in Downing Street has never been close to being surpassed. 

Bravo Piers, Uncensored Is Brilliant!

Bravo Piers, Uncensored Is Brilliant!

Cost Of Living Crisis

There were ugly parts of the 1980s, sure, mainly some of the fashion and the strength of trade unions. Overall, however, I consider it the last hoorah of Britain’s time as true world leaders. Whilst I love the idea of going back to 1982, I doubt things will be the same this time around given the UK’s current plight. 

For example, the cost of petrol has soared to 167.6p per litre and the price of the average British house has increased by £24,000 over the past year. Don’t get me wrong, it is a privilege to live in Britain, but the cost of an average home is starting to get a little bit out of hand. House prices should be high considering the wonderful nation we live in, but I feel as though prices have overstepped the mark somewhat. 

Food prices are also skyrocketing with many Britons being forced to skip meals and eat a lower quality diet than usual. Whilst I’m a great believer that a well-fed dog is a lazy one, perhaps the government should do more to tackle the price of food and make eating well slightly less of a luxury. 

All of this is evidence of a nation on its knees. In the 1980s, Britain was ready to herald in a new age of culture and technology, and now the nation can barely afford to keep itself afloat. 

I Agree With Maclean’s Comments On The Cost Of Living Crisis

I Agree With Maclean’s Comments On The Cost Of Living Crisis

Fath In The Government

What we’re left with now is a shell of a country in the midst of an unprecedented economic struggle. As I’ve said many times, this crisis does not affect me directly (a point I can’t stress enough) but I do know several people who have been. 

This is a disgrace and needs to be sorted out as soon as physically possible. I have great faith that our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, can get Britain back to level footing and begin healing the wounds caused by two years of pandemic disruption and the current geopolitical situation. 

Despite what the statistics show, the UK is far worse-off now than it was in 1982. Inflation may be the same, but our country’s declining influence in the world since then tells a much different story. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to some Bucks Fizz and pretend I’m a young man again. 



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