Backlash Against Tories Makes Them Stronger


There has been a lot of talk about the Conservative Party recently. I’ve had to grit my teeth over the past several weeks and overhear ridiculous, offensive, conversations about those who govern this great country. 

Whether it’s criticism of Boris Jonhson, Rishi Sunak, Priti Patel, or others, it seems everyone outside of politics is an expert on the matter and they, apparently, could all do a better job than the elite leaders of this wonderful nation.


Backlash Makes Tories Stronger

Eavesdropping on these nonsensical conversations used to make me irate - however, I’ve not realized that I’ll have the last laugh. People can throw whatever they want at our government, yet I’m smart enough to know that what doesn’t kill those in charge only makes them stronger. 

The last few years have seen the Conservative Party navigate their way through several crises. There was the historic referendum in 2016 - when the United Kingdom finally came to its senses and left the European Union behind. It was a bold and brilliant decision, but not one that would come easy. I, much like yourself, knew that the only way Brexit was going to be pulled off successfully was if we were subjected to world-class leadership and brilliant diplomacy.

Enter the Tories. They were there when the nation was on its knees in the summer of 2016. The collective spirit of the nation was in tatters due to the divide over the referendum and it was the Tories who made sure we slept safe at night and felt at peace. 

Superb Boris At It Again

Superb Boris At It Again

Boris Leading During Difficult Times

When coronavirus hit our streets a little over two years ago, who saved the day? That’s right - Boris Johnson and his cavalcade of Conversative ministers led us through one of the most surreal times in British history. The Tories were there when the COVID-19 vaccine was created, just as they were there when the miracle shot was given to the public completely free of charge. 

It seems as though every period of adversity or ‘scandal’ only makes the Tories stronger and more unsinkable. Never in my life have I seen a Prime Minister receive so much unwarranted backlash or a political party be made a scapegoat to this extent. In this age of mental health awareness, we must realize that our politicians are people, too, and any stick they get is likely to affect them greatly. 

Spending Habits Are Why Youngsters Can’t Buy A Home

Spending Habits Are Why Youngsters Can’t Buy A Home

Time To Back The Government

Even Jacob-Rees Mogg, my political idol, has feelings behind his debonair facade. The man who I believe in the solution to Britain’s problems is a human and most likely feels upset about some of the completely unfair criticism he receives by people of certain political persuasions. 

People need to realize that government-bashing may be a fun thing to do in the pub when you’re short on personality or conversation, but engaging in this pointless activity is harmless for the country. Our leaders sometimes feel like the only ones who make sure we sleep well at night, that Britain is functioning to the best of its abilities, and that everything is going to be ok. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that I consider some leaders (such a Rees-Mogg) to be akin to a father figure - something that is perfectly normal and not Freudian whatsoever, despite what those close to me may say. 

You can bash the Tories all you want - because, at the end of the day, they’ll only grow stronger and more competent with every understandable mistake they make. You can either complain about it or get used to it - and, if you ask me, the latter is certainly the sane choice. 


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