Beckham Criticism Unjust


Former footballer David Beckham is in hot water as criticism of his role in the ongoing FIFA World Cup- a tournament mired in controversy - continues to come to the forefront. 

Accusations of greed, callousness, and corporate selling-out have been hurled at the former England captain - who is set to pocket a tasty payday for his participation in the tournament. 

Thousands of nasty comments have rolled in about Beckham - a level of hatred I haven’t seen about the player since his infamous red card against Argentina in 1998.


Unfair Criticism 

One social media user said Beckham’s role was ‘’called GREED’’, before asking ‘’how much money do you actually need?’’

Other comments were a lot more explicit. 

I refuse to listen to any of it, though. After a stellar playing career, Beckham cemented his status as a national treasure, and his profile has only gone from strength to strength as far as I’m concerned. 

The great man won my eternal support back in September by queuing up for over 12 hours to witness the lying-in-state of Her Majesty. Whilst many in society’s elite would have used their fortune and fame to cut the queue, Beckham stood like a rock next to people he’s, frankly, above - like a true English gentleman. 

Ronaldo A Premier League Icon

Ronaldo A Premier League Icon

Raising Football’s Profile

The former Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and PSG star has been an ambassador for Qatar for some time now, helping raise the country’s footballing profile and appeal to overseas fans. Whilst we all know about the issues the country has, it would be greatly unfair to blame this on Becks. 

Beckham, for all of those who seem to have forgotten, was solely responsible for England’s participation in the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan. Thanks to him, the Three Lions dispatched Argentina, reached the quarters, and helped rebuild their standing in the global pecking order. 

Beckham Is A Global Icon

Any criticism of Beckham surrounding this World Cup will fall on deaf ears. Though there are complex geopolitical issues in that region of the world, I refuse to implicate him in any of it, and choose to think of the man who captained his country, curled in free-kicks, and queued for the Queen. Who would be more appropriate to hand the World Cup trophy to Harry Kane on 18 December?

No matter what you think of his involvement with Qatar, he’ll always be Sir David Beckham to me. Though that doesn’t feel like a popular stance, it’s one I will stick to for the rest of my days. 


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