'Blitz Spirit' Will Tackle Proposed Blackouts


The ongoing energy crisis has led to proposals of energy blackouts throughout the country this winter - the first time the measures will have been introduced since the 1970s.

Though it may sound doom-and-gloom, I could hardly contain the smile on my face when I read the news. A mandatory absence from the electronic devices that Brits are so determined to submit to? Yes please. 

Anybody who knows me will know that I’m fascinated with Blitz-era Britain, as I think it created a spirit and unity within the country that has never been repeated. In this era of social media and cushy work-from-home jobs, a return to the basics may be just what the doctor ordered.


Blackout Warnings

Earlier this month, the National Grid warned that there could indeed be nationwide shutdowns if gas plants are unable to keep running. Though the Prime Minister has been adamant that such measures are extremely unlikely, I have to admit there’s a part of me that yearns for candlelight conversations and games of marbles on the street, just as I did when I was a boy. 

Giddy with excitement, I’ve already devised fun conversational topics to discuss with my neighbours during the blackouts. The experience will be deeply nostalgic for me, and I’m not ashamed to admit I may shed a tear when the grid shuts down. 

An energy spokesperson said: ‘’We have one of the most reliable energy systems in the world and we are in a favourable position’’ - words that should comfort those who are worried. 

The Pound Will Always Be A Sought-After Prize

The Pound Will Always Be A Sought-After Prize

Public Response

The energy crisis began for obvious reasons earlier this year, and has not been made any easier by the post-pandemic financial landscape and changing economic outlook. Bills rose up considerably in 2022, leading to rampant inflation and a tumble in value for the British pound. 

As you could expect, the proposals haven’t been as warmly received by the general public, who have generally slammed the blackouts idea as archaic and unnecessary. To them, I’d argue that blackouts may be a necessary evil in this harsh financial climate and, perhaps, Brits could come to appreciate a break from their distracting smartphones and hypnotic laptop computers. 

I Applaud You Tim Martin

I Applaud You Tim Martin

Blitz Spirit Will Get Us Through

It’s a shame that we have to resort to enforced blackouts to get back just some of the Blitz spirit, but that’s just the position we’re in. As the Western World becomes more and more self-obsessed and dependent on their electronic overlords, perhaps the shutdowns can teach them a thing or two about perspective. 

Blackouts could also teach us to reflect on our lives and make us realise just how lucky we are to live in jolly old Great Britain. It’s been a tough and testing year, but hopefully a return to old ways can get us back on course. 


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