Delighted With Harry And Meghan’s Royal Demotion


Former Royals Harry and Meghan have been relegated to the bottom of the official Royal Family website, two and a half years after their exit from Windsor Castle. 

Before their demotion, the pair’s official pages were midway up the webpage, making it easy to look them up and be subjected to teeth-clenching frustration. 

The duo’s Royal exit broke millions of hearts, including mine, as the public were ready to accept them as our benevolent overlords.

Alas, it wasn’t to be, as Harry and Meghan chose to pack up their belongings and move to sunny California instead. An infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey told tales of struggle, tension, and unhappiness as the two slated the culture within Britain’s great institution and painted them out to be archaic and outdated.


Royal Website Demotion

Nevertheless, I accepted Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave and tried to move on without them, but seeing them being displayed so prominently on the Royal website threw salt in a healing wound. How could we move on in our lives with their photos staring back at us?

Other Royals, such as Prince Michael of Kent and his wife, have also been banished from the upper echelons of the webpage. This comes after King Charles III promised a slimmed-down monarchy going forward, stating that the hard-pressed British public wouldn’t be in favour of supporting an overcrowded Royal family.

Dare I say this, but I don’t agree with the King and I find his approach to be too humble. I, for one, would happily contribute my tax money to the Royal Family no matter how many members there are. Speak to any Brit on the street and I’m sure they’d agree, as they’d argue that the Royals come before other expenses. 

Arise Sir David Beckham

Arise Sir David Beckham

Bit-Part Roles

Harry and Meghan had bit-part roles in the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - appearing in the background of the procession and, thankfully, saying or doing nothing to cause controversy. 

It has been speculated that the former Royals were uninvited from a Royal reception in the build-up to the Queen’s funeral. World leaders, foreign royalty, and active members of the British Royal Family were present at the event, and having the Sussexes there could have caused a media storm.

Two fiery new books, written by Royal experts, will shed light on some of the build-up and fallout of their exit from royalty and I will certainly be reading these as I aim to repair my shattered heart. 

It’s been an emotional couple of years for the Royal Family, but hopefully the healing process is well underway. 


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