Don’t Follow The Liver King’s Diet!


You may have heard of the Liver King - an extremely muscular man whose social media presence has become popular. He’s amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram and uses the platform to showcase his almost-Neolithic lifestyle. 

The Liver King’s most notable attribute is his diet (along with his workouts) and he’s become well-known for his consumption of raw meat. ‘Delicacies’ like raw liver, bone marrow, and even testicles are staples of the Liver King’s diet and are allegedly responsible for his physique - though we both know there are almost certainly other ‘supplements’ at play. 


Major Risks To Instagram Star’s Diet

The Instagram star’s real name is Brian Johnson and his influence is so large that doctors have issued a warning to his fans not to emulate his caveman-like diet due to the string of health complications it can cause. Johnson claims to eat raw meat exclusively, and a glance at one of his meals reveals not a fruit or vegetable in sight.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon and popular Tik-Toker, had to make an entire video breaking down the risks of a ‘carnivore’ diet and explain that such a lifestyle would wreak havoc on one’s intestinal system and digestive process. 

The complete lack of fibre in the Liver King’s diet raises questions on how he…you know, expels his food, whilst the lack of vitamins probably leaves him a sitting duck for scurvy. Johnson is passionate about living like his ancestors, so much so that he’s willing to contract their diseases. 

A commenter on  Yuon’s video suggested ‘’maybe that’s why he [The Liver King] is so angry all the time, he’s quite literally full of it’’ whilst another stated bluntly, ‘’this [his diet] cannot be good for anyone.’’ 

Time To Prepare For Inter-Planetary Crimes And Lunar Thugs

Time To Prepare For Inter-Planetary Crimes And Lunar Thugs

Carnivore Diets Are Not Sustainable

So-called carnivore diets (those consisting entirely of raw meat) have become popular in recent years with podcaster Joe Rogan and psychologist Jordan Peterson undertaking it to respective mixed results. 

Whilst some people report feeling stronger, more awake, and more powerful on the diet, others report feeling perpetually bloated and unable to relieve themselves. 

The complete lack of other vitamins and minerals renders the diet completely unsustainable in the long-haul - something fans of the Liver King need to understand.

Mike Ashley You Genius!

Mike Ashley You Genius!

Gullible Internet Culture

Internet culture has become so ridiculous that doctors have to issue advice to people telling them that not eating vegetables is a bad idea.

For those who actually believe that the Liver King follows this diet year-round, then you should consider that he only showcases his lifestyle in bits and pieces and there’s not a chance a physique such as his can be attained without a balanced diet and, shall we say, outside help. 

The Liver King tries to ‘live like his ancestors’ - something that becomes more appealing by the day when you consider the lack of intellect that today’s social media users have.

I never thought I’d develop rose-tinted glasses for the Neolithic era, but here I am, wishing that we could return to the time where the concept of social media was completely inconceivable. 



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