Enjoy Your Holiday Boris


Boris Johnson has embarked on a well-earned holiday in Greece following his historic reign as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Johnson, who deserves all the leisure time in the world, has already been on vacation this summer yet his stellar job of running this great country affords him the luxury to treat himself yet again. If you ask me, Boris should have been treated to a holiday much earlier and his decision to head to the affordable Greek islands is yet more evidence he’s in touch with the average Brit.


Destination Greece

The Prime Minister could have flown to Monaco, Los Angeles, or Dubai, but instead he opted to visit Greece to avoid making the public feel jealous as they battle with a cost-of-living crisis. That, to me, is a sign of a great statesman and one who is deeply cognizant of the plight of his people. Bravo, Boris, bravo. 

Boris Johnson’s paradigm-splitting run in Downing Street began way back in July 2019 as the nation was debating the best solution to the Brexit vote. During that time, the great leader has guided Britain through coronavirus, authroised vaccine rollout, reopened the economy, and restored trust in the government. 

His three-year tenure was controversially ended earlier this summer as he was hounded out by his own party and blamed for events entirely out of his control. I lost respect, sleep, and faith over the decision and can only hope those in Parliament come to their senses soon and realise what a magnificent leader Johnson truly is. 

The Greek holiday will commence with Johnson refusing to take part in any political engagements as he soaks up the sun and takes a brief break. I just wish I were there with him. On a more positive note, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab will fill in for the next few weeks and will surely charm the nation in his own way - though he can’t possibly fill Johnson’s shoes. 

1992 A Tough Year For Our Queen

1992 A Tough Year For Our Queen

Well Deserved Break

I sincerely hope that Boris enjoys his holiday and only wish I could have known about it sooner so I could pay for it myself. It’s the least he deserves after such a masterful reign in Downing Street, but I suppose I could always donate to, and maybe even work for, the Johnson family in the near future. 

Just imagine Boris and I together - cooking up plans to make this already-great country thrive even more than it is already. It’s a salivating thought indeed, but one that will only come to fruition once the great man has soaked up some well-earned sun in his Greek paradise. 

Greece has a new god - albeit only for a short amount of time. Once Johnson returns to the United Kingdom, I feel it’s necessary to host a celebration for him as we reflect on his final few weeks in office. 


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