Focus On F1 And Not Chelsea, Lewis


Last weekend, Lewis Hamilton admitted that his title chances were over following a poor showing at the Emilia Romagna GP where the 37 year old finished 13th with zero points. After the dizzying heights of The Queen’s birthday and the Prime Minister’s brave apology, Hamilton’s horror show brought me crashing down to reality. 

His performance was so bad that it caused Red Bull’s Helmut Marko to suggest that Hamilton should have perhaps considered hanging up his driving gloves after last season’s conclusion. It was meant as a light-hearted barb, but Marko may be correct. Call me emotional, but Lewis looked past his best out there and a shell of what he once was.


What Is Causing The Bad Form

What’s causing Hamilton’s poor form? Is it a hangover from last season’s dizzying finale? Is it pressure from the sport’s recent surge in popularity and mainstream coverage? Or is it due to his concentration being affected thanks to his outside ventures? If you ask me, all three are partly responsible. 

Hamilton has recently expressed interest in joining a consortium seeking to purchase Chelsea Football Club. The European champions are currently owner-less and Britain's best driver considers the venture ‘’one of the greatest opportunities.’’ If you ask me, I think it’s a preposterous idea and one that’ll only distract Hamilton further. 

All Hail The Return Of Social Media!

All Hail The Return Of Social Media!

Focus On F1

Hamilton’s main priority should be focusing on his underwhelming F1 season and making sure he makes amends for his recent poor performances. Vanity projects like football clubs should be nowhere near his mind right now, especially considering he was lapped by rival and last night’s race winner Max Verstappen.

Such a shocking turn in fortune should be heavily weighing on Hamilton’s mind right now as the two drivers were going toe-to-toe for the title only a few months ago. 

We’ve seen too many of our sporting heroes lose their magic as soon as they step into the outside world of business. Their egos become inflated, their training gets complacent, and their overall performance starts to tumble. This cannot happen to Lewis Hamilton as we’d risk losing a British icon and the nation’s best chance for F1 dominance.

The seven-time champion deserves his legacy and his Knighthood, however I’m slowly starting to accept that I’ve seen the best of Lewis Hamilton and the peak of his career is in his proverbial rear-view mirror. 

Devastated To Hear Tyson Fury Has Decided To Retire

Devastated To Hear Tyson Fury Has Decided To Retire

Hamilton’s Admission

‘’I’m out for it for sure’’ - Hamilton meekly admitted in regards to his title chances to the press yesterday. The performance put him a whopping 58 points behind Charles Leclerc and certainly out of any discussion for the title. 

Buying a football club should be nowhere near Hamilton’s mind - especially considering the depth of the problems at Chelsea. The football club has long been known for its cutthroat nature and calculating, cold treatment of managers. Immersion in such a club could potentially overwhelm Hamilton and take his focus off F1 entirely. 

Maybe Hamilton plans on winding down his F1 career after all. I don’t often agree with sportspeople, but I found Marko’s comments somewhat understandable. If Lewis Hamilton does continue racing, then he must accept the fact he’ll need to pass the torch sooner rather than later. Leclerc and Verstappen have cemented themselves as the future of F1 and the new generation of mainstream stars. 

I can always count on sports stars to make me feel jaded and despondent. I hope, should the bid be successful, that Lewis Hamilton atones for his sins by making Chelsea as dominant a force on the world stage as he once was on his. 

The image of Max Verstappen lapping Lewis Hamilton last night was very symbolic. Hamilton’s star looks to be hugely on the wane and caught in the wake of the new breed.


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