Devastated To Hear Tyson Fury Has Decided To Retire


This week, Tyson Fury stated that he was ‘’done’’ with boxing following his comprehensive victory over Dillan Whyte at Wembley. The bout was probably Fury’s last ever fight and brings to a close a career that started way back in 1998 in the doldrums of Manchester’s many boxing gyms when he was just ten years old. The 6ft9 boxer finishes with a record of 32 wins and 1 draw from 33 professional bouts. 

Boxing is in Fury’s blood. Always the fighter, he was given his forename after Mike Tyson by his father after the younger Fury survived infancy despite being born very prematurely. 


An Undisputed Icon

The 33-year-old will finish his glittering career with zero losses and as an undisputed icon of British sport forever. To put it bluntly, I’m devastated at the news as it means we’ll lose a national icon and a true champion of British sport. It concludes a period of boxing dominated by one of our own and, for that, I’m upset. 

Though I’m saddened by the news, I feel privileged to have seen Tyson Fury and witnessed his career unfold before my very eyes. I’ve watched his ups and downs transpire and seen the boxer hit the pinnacle of his sport. For that, I feel blessed. 

Holding The World Cup In Qatar Is Preposterous

Holding The World Cup In Qatar Is Preposterous

Similarities With Myself

Tyson Fury reminds me a lot of myself. I, like him, am brilliant in my field and stand head and shoulders above any competition. Like Tyson, I’ve experienced my peaks and valleys and come back stronger each time. I’m also a proud Brit who wears my heart on my sleeve. 

It’s funny how one can form such a deep attachment to a figure they’ve never met. In my lifetime, I’ve developed such attachments to monarchs and Prime Ministers, but very rarely with athletes. It may be due to most athletes’ annoying behavior and questionable political views putting me off, but I felt as though I’d struck gold when I discovered Tyson Fury all those years ago. 

Not Another Cringeworthy Interview Harry!

Not Another Cringeworthy Interview Harry!

Retiring On His Own Terms

Here was a man who was not afraid to be himself. He didn’t subscribe to vapid celebrity culture like so many other big-time athletes and was only interested in one thing - boxing. Fury’s candidness struck a chord with me immediately and he quickly became my favorite sportsperson. His retirement is so sad, yet so British at the same time. Going out with dignity and respect is the epitome of British class, so I take my hat off to the boxer for deciding to retire this way. 

Fury could stick around well past his sell-by date and rake in millions from phoned-in fights and cheap cash grabs. Instead, he’s choosing to retire on his own terms as the undefeated, unconquerable World Heavyweight Champion. For me, this is the only way Fury should hang up his gloves. 

Tyson Fury Is A

Tyson Fury Is A

It Has Been An Honour And A Privlidge

We should feel blessed that we’ve witnessed such a great athlete and personality master his trade. Unlike the mercenary footballers we so often glorify, Fury’s main priority (aside from his family) was always to beat his opponent and focus on his next fight. 

Other athletes have a lot to learn from Tyson Fury. Instead of spending their time signing Gucci contracts or trying to purchase football clubs, Britain’s sportspeople should make representing their country as best as possible their top priority. Call me old-fashioned (and many of you have) but I think this is the only way a top-level athlete should conduct themselves. 

To Tyson Fury, I say goodbye. What an honor it’s been watching your journey and I sincerely hope you enjoy your well-earned retirement. I wouldn’t be surprised if, very soon, you were subjected to the greatest honor one could ever hope for - a Knighthood from Our Majesty, The Queen. 



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