Harry And Meghan Have Ruined Christmas!


Merry Christmas? It was until I read about the imminent release of Harry and Meghan’s dreadful Netflix series. 

The pair were present at a humanitarian event in New York City this week, as the countdown to their ‘bombshell’ series races down. Though the show has not come out yet and I will not be watching it, I can guarantee that it is already among the worst shows to ever be broadcasted on the television medium. 

In fact, I’d rank this despicable series to be even worse than the shambolic ‘Pogmentary’ that hit screens back in May. Much like Paul Pogba’s poorly thought out docuseries, I can personally guarantee that Harry and Meghan’s new series will be horrendously tone-deaf.


Abrasive And Disrespectful

A trailer for the show was released earlier this month, with its content being so abrasive and disrespectful, it caused me to feel nauseous. Had I watched more than a few seconds, I have no doubt that I, a grown man, would have been reduced to a temper tantrum. 

What makes the series so badly-timed is its release just three months after the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s sudden and shocking passing. At a time when the public’s wounds are still red raw, the former Royals apparently  find it appropriate to unleash their anti-monarchist propaganda upon us. Haven’t we suffered enough?

I think it’s safe to say that any Christmas spirit I was brave enough to drum up has been ruined by these two. The trailer to their upcoming program registered over 2.4 million views within its first six hours on Twitter, and the first episode is scheduled for release on 8 December 2022. Whilst I understand the public’s macabre fascination with the couple, I sincerely hope that the majority of viewers take the series with the biggest pinch of salt imaginable. 

Should Have Been Cancelled

I have begged, pleaded, and cried to the Almighty about this program being left on the cutting room floor, but perhaps it’s best if the series comes out to stop me obsessing over it. I was ready to pledge my life to these two, but they chose to walk away from the Royals at the worst possible time - something that I will likely never recover from.

Readers, if I could wish for just one thing this Christmas, it would be for this series to be cancelled after its first episode. Stranger things certainly have happened, however, it would take a true Christmas miracle for my wish to come true. 


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