Heatwave Not An Excuse To Miss Work


Temperatures have soared in the United Kingdom with some places reaching temperatures in the mid-30s and even early-40s. Places like London, Southampton, Portsmouth, and the Isle of Wight have seen the hottest days so far, whilst northern parts of the country are slightly cooler, yet still exceedingly hot nonetheless. 

The abnormally-hot weather has caused chaos with rail tracks partially melting, beaches crowded, and roads gridlocked with traffic.


Weather Causes Perpetual Complaining

For all the complaining we do about our famously gray and bleak weather, I find it extremely odd that people are throwing their proverbial toys out of the pram and saying it’s too hot to get anything done. Much like politics, it seems weather patterns cause widespread division and perpetual complaining no matter how good things get. 

Some people have complained that the severe heat impacts their ability to work - a position that I find to be yet more woke nonsense. If it really is that hot, then simply go out and buy an air conditioning unit. My house is fully equipped with air-con, fans, and a state-of-the-art fridge to help keep me focused during the summer. Sadly, most people aren’t as dedicated to success as I am and will instead splurge their money on iced coffee and pretentious brunches. 

Censoring Royal Art Is A Complete Joke

Censoring Royal Art Is A Complete Joke

Work-From-Home Has Spoilt Workers

Those same people will then complain that it’s ‘too hot’ to work and force their companies to build their busy schedules around them. It’s truly sickening and a damning commentary on the poor work ethic of the current generation. 

Well-meaning bosses have attempted to make workplaces as adapted to hot weather as possible yet the public still aren’t happy. Presumably taking insipiraton from Trotskyite union leader Mick Lynch, workers are greedily asking for more paid-time-off and consideration for their ‘mental health’ during this blissful period of tropical weather. 

The public has already been spoiled by work-from-home rules over the last two years. Jacob Rees-Mogg quite rightfully called home-workers out a few months ago and criticized those who continue to conduct their business from their back gardens instead at the office. Instead of listening to him, the great politician was met with a fiery, outraged mob who condemned him for being ‘out of touch’.

Heatwave Is No Excuse 

Britain is treating its workers with far too much compassion. It may be hot outside, but that does not mean that you deserve a day off to go to Bournemouth Beach and work on your tan. You, the public, already have the luxury of working at home and you are not owed yet another privilege. If it’s ‘too hot’ for you, look for another job. Simple.

There is absolutely no excuse for missing work. Us Brits love to sulk about the heat forgetting that these temperatures would be considered mild in regions like the Middle East, where a usual July day brings temperatures in the mid-40s. Do you ever hear them complain about the heat? Perhaps we should, as the liberals say, ‘check our privilege’ and realize that we’re truly blessed to have this weather. 

The heat won’t be with us forever, so let’s get down to work and make the most of it while we still can. Once the rainy days come back, you’ll wonder why you ever complained in the first place. 


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