I Am Very Proud Of Prince Charles


Prince Charles filled in for The Queen for the State Opening of Parliament earlier this month. It marked the first time in 59 years that Her Majesty was not present for the event. Prince William was also present - marking the first time he’d attended the State Opening of Parliament.

Such is the ever-enduring nature of our monarch, not seeing her at this year’s State Opening of Parliament was a sight disturbing enough to cause knots in my stomach. I felt uneasy and a genuine wave of anxiety rushed over me like a wave. As I paced back and forth wondering where The Queen was, I realised that this may be Prince Charles’s time to shine on the big stage.


Prince Charles Rose To The Occasion

Shine, he did. To say I’m in awe of the Prince of Wales would be an understatement. The 73-year-old showed tremendous dignity, courage, and poise as he filled in for his absent mother. After his speech concluded, The Queen offered her own words of support by stating she was ‘very proud’ of both Charles and William for their professionalism - a statement I very much echo. 

The Prince of Wales delivered The Queen’s speech for the first time in his long career. With the Imperial State Crown beside him, Charles embarked on an engaging, eloquent speech reminiscent of the great kings that have come before him. His mother’s throne was left empty as a symbol of respect for Her Majesty’s absence. It was a sad sight, but one that we may have to get used to as the 96-year-old Queen adapts to a lighter schedule and undertakes fewer public appearances. 

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

Reason For Her Majesty’s Absence

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Where was The Queen? Is everything OK with her? Well, yes it is - however, Her Majesty was experiencing some mobility issues and decided to stay home for the event. She did manage to watch Charles’s speech and was full of praise for her son. 

One Royal source stated: ‘’The Queen was very proud to see her son and grandson step in.’’ 

The ordeal must’ve been tough for Charles. During the event, he occasionally looked forlorn as he gazed at The Queen’s empty throne. However, he soon embodied Royal grace as he announced 38 of the Prime Minister’s Bills for the next year. His loving wife, The Duchess of Cornwall, was by his side the entire time and provided Charles with plenty of support.

Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments

Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments

Prince William Debut

Prince William, making his debut at this event, was as majestic as ever. How proud I am to bring my grandchildren up now, knowing that the monarch they grow up with encapsulates everything I love about the Royal Family. Calm, cool, and deeply patriotic, Prince William has all the potential to be an era-defining King.

The Prince of Wales promised to tackle Britain’s tough economic challenges and vowed to ‘level up opportunity in all parts of the country’. In more important news, he allayed fears that The Queen may miss her Jubilee Celebrations by stating that Her Majesty is very much looking forward to the momentous event and will certainly be in attendance. 

St George’ s Day Was One Of Patriotic Reflection

St George’ s Day Was One Of Patriotic Reflection

Future In Capable Hands

Thank God. Though it was distressing to see Her Majesty absent for this occasion, knowing that she’ll be in fine form for her Jubilee is music to my ears. 

The sight of Prince Charles speaking at the State Opening of Parliament is a sign of Britain’s future as Her Majesty begins to delegate responsibility in her twilight years. If the Prince of Wales’s Performance is anything to go by, I think it’s fair to say the future of this glorious nation is in capable hands. 



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