Just Stop Oil Are Pretentious Imbeciles


Environmental activists from the pretentious group Just Stop Oil engaged in their latest round of protests as they took their frustrations out on an iconic Da Vinci painting housed at the National Gallery in London. 

Just Stop Oil has become well-known across the UK for their very public and very cringe-worthy protests that do nothing but make everybody’s day slightly worse and turn people against their mission. 

This was the same organization who thought it was a good idea to hijack a game between Everton and Newcastle United back in March. As you’ve heard me say many times before, political protests have no place in sport and I was glad to see the man escorted off the field. I considered the bizarre incident a one-off and thought that would have been the end of it.


Vandalizing the Last Supper

However, Just Stop Oil resurfaced at the National Gallery earlier this month and glued themselves to a historic, 16th century copy of the Leonardo Da Vinci painting The Last Supper.

Just Stop Oil teamed up with the infamous Extinction Rebellion group for the latest round of protests. Starting at around 11:30am, some of the members proceeded to glue themselves to the base of the painting with the phrase ‘no new oil’ spray painted on the wall below. 

Perhaps someone should tell these eco-warriors that the oils used to paint The Last Supper are not new and are instead over 400 years old. Whilst I don’t deny that we’re facing problems with the climate, I find groups like Just Stop Oil and XR to be utterly infuriating. 

I back Patel In Battle Against Fuel Protesters

I back Patel In Battle Against Fuel Protesters

Bunch Of Imbeciles

XR’s co-founder, Simon Bramwell, was with the protesters and he has some serious explaining to do. He’s taken his hypocritical mission out on innocent pieces of art and it seems there’s no end to his destructive agenda. 

These irritating protests have already taken over Britain’s roads, railways, and airports, and now even our museums aren’t safe. These places are supposed to be sanctuaries from the outside world and are designed to help us forget about the outside world for a few hours. I know fuel prices are bad and harm the environment, but I can afford not to care about this. Why can’t these groups accept that?

Mick Lynch's Sinister Agenda Is Disgraceful

Mick Lynch's Sinister Agenda Is Disgraceful

Dorries Reaction

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries lashed out at the protesters on Twitter: ‘’These attention seekers aren't helping anything other than their own selfish egos. Disrupting access to our fabulous cultural assets and putting them at risk of damage is unacceptable. These protesters should be removed and held responsible for the damage and disruption.’’

Just Stop Oil protesters are campaigning for government ministers to reconsider new oil and gas licenses and for those associated with art galleries, football matches, and other pastimes to join in on their ‘civil’ displays of resistance. 

The London copy of The Last Supper is from around 1520 and is said to be worth tens of millions of pounds. The original is worth around £375 million. 

Just Stop Oil seem to be content in ruining the public’s enjoyment. With protests and strikes already going on, it appears that the perpetual grumbling has no end. I sincerely hope that the Government takes matters into their own hands and rids our streets of these virtue-signaling morons. 


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