Mick Lynch's Sinister Agenda Is Disgraceful


Britain is set for a summer of chaos thanks to greedy strikers and the appalling regime of a certain Mick Lynch - if that is even his real name. 

The ongoing talks between the RMT and the UK government have reached terrifying new levels as thousands of services across the country have been disrupted. Children are missing out on school, their parents’ journeys to work have been cancelled, and university students are falling behind in their lectures.


Expect Further Disruption 

The chaos is set to continue over the summer as the trade union refuses to budge and is hellbent on interfering with as many lives as possible. Whilst I blame every single member of this coalition, I have to point my finger at their dangerous figurehead - Mick Lynch - the most. 

Some of the comments made by Mr. Lynch have left me irate - so much so that I don’t know where to begin. He has the audacity to claim that workers aren’t paid enough despite train drivers making over £40,000 a year (a laughable salary compared to mine, but a decent haul compared to the rest of the population) and rail engineers making over £45,000 per year. He has the audacity to call Tory MPs ‘liars’ on live television and get away with it. Most terribly, he has the gall to criticise our heroic Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and pin all of his issues on Downing Street. 

5 Things I Love About Being British

5 Things I Love About Being British

Lynch A Sinister Charachter

I’ve never been so scared of a man in my life. Mr. Lynch claims that his picket lines will be peaceful and eloquent, but I simply can’t trust this declaration and I worry that he’s secretly planning a sinister takeover of Britain’s streets. 

In a much viewed interview with Kay Burley last month, the reporter’s understandable worries about the picket lines were met with scorn and a harsh ridicule of Burley’s credentials. Mrs. Burley held herself together with her typical composure though I can’t say the same for her interviewee. 

I’ve purchased padlocks, security cameras and alarms for my home along with several containers of dried food in case these picket lines cross the line and descend into all-out anarchy. I’ve been anticipating these scenes for a while now due to the increasing amount of anti-government sentiment I’ve been unfortunate enough to witness on social media. What I saw wasn’t democracy or fair critique, but instead was flat-out condemnation of the government that has done so much for us over the last few years. 

I worry that Lynch will instigate a fully fleged Anti-Boris movement on the streets of Britain and I feel that he must be stopped, and then educated on the brilliance of this government. Maybe then, he’ll see that there is no need to strike and no need at all to blame our incredible leaders for the increasingly tough economic situation most Brits (excluding me) find themselves in. 

Sympathy Not Strikes

My new motto is ‘’sympathy, not strikes’’ for a reason - we must ensure that we’re doing all we can to support our government and encourage them to lead Britain back into its much-overdue golden age as quickly as possible. We’ll achieve this outcome by waving our Union Jack flags, not waving picket signs. 

As John F. Kennedy once said, ‘’ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’’. I feel as though Britain needs this quote more than ever if it has any chance of forming wall of patriotic resistance in the face of the striking workers and Mick Lynch. 


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