Lampard Sacked By Everton


Everton have sacked Frank Lampard after weeks of speculation. The former Chelsea midfielder and England legend leaves Goodison Park with one of the worst win percentages in the club’s history, though I’m about to argue that this is absolutely not his fault. 

Lampard took over the Toffees this time last year, succeeding the wildly-unpopular Rafael Benitez. With Everton facing their first-ever Premier League relegation, Lampard managed to pull off a miracle and keep them up. There were some low moments along the way, from the recent 2-1 home loss to Southampton to the disastrous signing of Dele Alli, but the one constant was Lampard’s skilled management and courage in the face of pressure.


Hammers Loss The Final Nail

The proverbial nail in Lampard’s coffin was a 2-0 defeat to fellow-strugglers West Ham this past weekend. Graceful as ever, Lampard was quick to defend his players and stand-up to reporters’ tough questions. 

The sackings of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard, along with the bumpy start to Graham Potter’s life as the  Chelsea boss, have left the reputations of England managers in widespread disrepute - something that is nothing short of embarrassing. It’s easy to blame all three for their perceived shortcomings, but closer inspection tells us that none of these managers are to blame. 

Potter, for example, is taking over a club on shaky foundations and is faced with an injury crisis that would make even Pep Guardiola nervous. Gerrard wasn’t backed to his full potential, and Lampard is caught in the crossfire of a terrible ownership model. How is this any of their faults?

English Managers

The widespread notion that English managers are not up to scratch is yet another example of people underestimating us Brits. They said we couldn’t put a man on the moon and, well, we didn’t - the Americans did - but I’m sure we had a part to play nonetheless. 

Luckily, Eddie Howe is helping change English managers’ reputations by doing stellar work up in Newcastle. However, I’d have hoped that there’d be more than one English coach pulling up trees in the top-flight. Maybe Lampard and Gerrard are simply too young and were pushed into top-level management too quickly and simply need to develop experience. No matter what the reasons are, I can assure that their weaknesses are not due to a lack of nous. 

The football world will keep on turning and I’m sure that, in due-time, a new Everton manager will be appointed. Fans will forget all about Frank Lampard, but I’ll still remember the good times. Rest assured, this generation of English managers are only getting started. 


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