More Airport Chaos Expected!


More airport chaos is set to unfold for sun-hungry travelers this Christmas. Reports of ‘technical glitches’ on baggage carousels, striking Border Force staff, and potentially-delayed flights are flooding in - something that, in 2022, is hardly a surprise. 

This year has been dominated by industrial action as the War Against Working continues to unfold in front of our very eyes. Disgruntled workers, hoping for just a shred of my fortune, are downing tools hither and yon in a grim flashback to the 1970s.


Why Escape Christmassy UK?

Whilst I feel sorry for those whose plans have been thwarted by Mick Lynch’s comrades, I do have to wonder why these people are so eager to jet away from this green and pleasant land. In case your memory fails you, it was only that week that the UK was transformed into a snowy, picturesque landscape, with scenes that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a postcard.

You’re unlikely to find a place more Christmassy than the United Kingdom right now, and that’s not me being hyperbolic. As most Brits are forced to use candlelight in their meagre, frozen homes, I’m transported back to a different, more moral era. 

The only appealing thing about leaving the country right now is, ironically, the strike action that is ruining the public spirit and the sense of national unity that has strengthened the nation. That and sunshine - which,  admittedly, we don’t have much of during winter. 

Clarkson Abuse Crossed The Line

Clarkson Abuse Crossed The Line

Strikes Impacting All Travellers

But industrial action won’t just affect those leaving the UK, as those coming in are set to face issues of their own. Gatwick Airport released a statement saying: “UK Border Force strikes will impact passengers entering the UK. Check the status of your flight with your airline before you travel and allow extra time to complete your onward journey.’’

Passport checks will become even longer than usual, and there is a good chance that some air services will be delayed or even cancelled. Heathrow, Glasgow, Birmingham, and Cardiff Airports are in for a nightmare before Christmas, with travelers’ patience being stretched to the limit. 

The airport crisis is the latest shameful debacle in a year to forget for British economics. Though I’m pleased to spend Christmas in this great country, I don’t blame people for wanting to escape the chaos for at least a couple of weeks. 


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