Clarkson Abuse Crossed The Line


Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is in hot water after penning a vile column in the Sun describing his disdain for Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

The column generated over 6,000 complaints to IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation, and has been widely condemned on social media. 

Clarkson stated that he ‘’hated Meghan on a cellular level’’ and later told about how he wished for her to be paraded through the streets as the public threw waste at her. The TV personality even indicated that the hatred he has for Markle is more intense than he dislike he has for Rose West, a convicted serial killer.


No Fan Of Harry And Meghan

I’m no fan of Harry and Meghan, and you’ll know by now I consider their Netflix series to be akin to high treason. The couple broke my heart in 2020 by leaving the Royal Family behind before rubbing salt into my wounds by giving that infamous Oprah Winfrey interview a few weeks later. 

However, none of what the couple (and Meghan specifically) may or may not have done justifies the vile vitriol displayed by Clarkson in Sun-published rant. As far as I’m concerned, the emotions I feel for the Sussexes are rooted in sadness, and not hatred. I could never hate someone who’s descended from a family as noble as the Royals. 

A Woeful Year For Netflix

A Woeful Year For Netflix

Clarkson Went Too Far

I can’t believe Clarkson’s rant was deemed acceptable for publication. It’s yet more evidence that the quality of journalism in this country is in free-fall, along with editors’ standards and understanding of quality subject matter. To dislike Harry and Meghan isn’t a novel stance, nor is it an unacceptable one, however to pen this level of abuse is a bridge too far. 

Us Brits are renowned for our class and politeness, often passively-aggressively pretending to enjoy life whilst seething with rage inside. Vulgar, in-your-face rants aren’t really our thing, something someone as old as Clarkson should know by now. 

It’s perfectly OK not to like two celebrities, but I fully condemn Jeremy Clarkson for his column and I hope he learns from this mistake. 


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