Piers Morgan Interview With The Klitschko


The outstanding Piers Morgan recently returned from a heroic trip to Kyiv where he interviewed the legendary Klitschko brothers about the war raging on in Ukraine. In a safe room in the Ukrainian capital, Morgan spoke to both the former boxers at length about the war, Russian propaganda, and the effect of the devastation on the nation of Ukraine. 

Six months after Russia invaded his country, Kyiv’s Mayor, Vitali Klitschko, remains a strong figurehead whose determination, grit, and spirit remains as high as ever. He’s been visited by several prominent figures over the past half year, though I’d imagine none were more inspiring than Piers Morgan.


Moving Interview

The 40-minute interview was shared on the Piers Morgan Uncensored YouTube channel and featured some of the best journalism I’ve ever seen. After his heroic departure from the left-leaning Good Morning Britain last year, Piers Morgan has embarked on a mission to bring a shred of integrity back to British broadcasting. His new show, Uncensored, achieves just that and more. The interview left me misty-eyed not only due to the courage of the Klitschko brothers, but also because of Morgan’s heroism for traveling to Ukraine. 

Morgan asked the brothers a range of questions. Some were light-hearted, others were hard-hitting, however all of them were relevant and well thought-out. The two brothers, both former boxers, were clearly moved by Morgan’s kind, professional demeanor and bravery. Presumably taking inspiration from Boris Johnson, Piers Morgan made the risky trip to Ukraine knowing that things could go wrong for him. 

Wladimir And Vitali - Brothers In Arms

Both Vitali and Wladimir talked openly about the devastation and destruction caused by the war as well as vivid descriptions of the inhumane scenes they’ve witnessed since February. ‘’They want to occupy territory, and they want to kill the people’’ - said Vitali, who has been Kyiv’s mayor since 2014. 

‘’It’s not a war, it’s genocide’’ - he added sternly. 

Wladimir spoke about Russia’s desire to rewrite history through their deep-rooted propaganda network and dependence on an authoritarian media network. ‘’You cannot just delete and erase history’’ - the former World Heavyweight Champion warned. 

Seems Netflix Has Gone Woke!

Seems Netflix Has Gone Woke!

Journalism At Its Very Best

Piers Morgan was on his usual, brilliant form for the duration of the interview and gave the two brothers plenty of time to share their stories. A journalistic great on-par with David Frost, Bob Woodward, and Walter Cronkite, Morgan’s new show has cemented his legacy as one of his industry’s true legends. Uncensored is one of the greatest shows of all-time and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank TalkTV, Rupert Murdoch, and of course Piers Morgan for this wonderful offering. 

A touching moment in the interview came when Vitali showcased a jar full of change sent by a young boy in Riga, Latvia, to help Ukrainian children. Grasping the jar firmly, Kyiv’s mayor pledged to return the jar once the war concluded. 

I wholeheartedly stand with the great Klitschko brothers and hope that they, and everyone else in Ukraine, is guaranteed safety and freedom as soon as possible. Boris Johnson and Piers Morgan have been superb inspirations and speak for everyone in Great Britain when they salute the great Ukrainian people at their most tragic hour. 


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