Priti Patel A Breath Of Fresh Air


Priti Patel has come under tremendous scrutiny for the recent government plan to send asylum-seeking Brits to Rwanda - a nation thousands of miles away from the United Kingdom and one with plenty of its own issues in regards to human rights and freedom of expression. 

The Rwanda plan was unveiled by government officials back in April to a mixed reaction. The shadow home secretary labeled the ideal ‘’shameful’’ and a ‘’shambles’’ whereas others praised the move for its inventiveness. Needless to say, I fell into the latter camp and found the idea to be nothing less than another stroke of genius by this government. To borrow an American expression, our government hit a home run with this glorious idea. Asylum seekers can achieve the security they deserve, and Britain can build positive relations with yet another faraway nation.


Patel Is A Leader

Whilst some of the constructive criticism towards Patel is perhaps warranted, I consider some of the diatribe to be both highly offensive and grossly inaccurate - for Mrs. Patel’s leadership is only surpassed by her warm personality and dedication to Britain - a pair of attributes that I, too, am known to have. 

I, and many others, find her to be a great breath of fresh air. Her no-nonsense personality and observant eye are just a few of my favorite Patel things, and I would not be against seeing her take the reins in Downing Street in the future. 

Some see the Home Secretary as archaic, cold, and ruthless - an evaluation I would disagree with strongly. Mrs. Patel is far from archaic, and the latter two traits are exactly what is needed to help govern a country as great as this. Indeed, there are times when one has to roll up their sleeves, get to work, and rule Britain with an iron fist. 

Backlash Against Tories Makes Them Stronger

Backlash Against Tories Makes Them Stronger

Close Ties With Boris

Another reason I love Priti Patel is the close relationship she seems to have with the Prime Minister. It helps me sleep at night knowing that there is such open and transparent communication between our government. The Home Secretary and Boris Johnson are like two peas in a pod - and are undoubtedly the greatest double-act Britain has seen since Morcambe and Wise. 

Patel became the Home Secretary in 2019, when she replaced Sajid David. Her three-year reign has, much like Boris Johnson, seen her navigate through Brexit, coronavirus, and the current cost-of-living crisis and escalating geopolitical situation in Europe. In my opinion, her leadership has been fantastic and she has cemented her legacy as one of the greatest politicians of her generation. 

I Abhor Train Strikes!

I Abhor Train Strikes!

Self-Described Thatcherite

I love how she’s a self-described Thatcherite. Much like myself, Patel hails the legendary former Prime Minister to be her political idol - something that’s music to my ears and another reason why I hope Patel considers running for Prime Minister. If she can make me as much money as Thatcher did, then I’ll consider adding her to my ‘Mount Rushmore’ of British politics alongside Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson, and Mrs. Thatcher herself. 

Whilst I’m not impacted by Britain’s economic woes (such is the extent of my well-earned fortune) I find Patel’s comments on them to be both provocative and pragmatic. Contrary to what the mainstream media may tell you, there is a way out of this crisis if we just keep calm and carry on. 

I’ve been a longtime admirer of Priti Patel and can only hope she one day unleashes her Thatcher-inspired powers within the walls of 10 Downing Street. How lucky we would be for yet another leader who transcends time, faces challenges head-on, and, perhaps most importantly, makes me a boatload of money. 


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