Put The Jewelry Away Sir Lewis!


Sir Lewis Hamilton’s recent woes appear to not only be confined to the racetrack as the diver has recently found himself in a feud with the FIA over their rules over the wearing of jewelry. 

The 37-year-old driver will be fined by the FIA should he continue to don his bling whilst racing and the FIA’s president, Mohammed Bin Sulayem, refuses to back down from his position after Hamilton suggested the organization relax their rules.


Miami GP Antics

Though the FIA, which was founded back in 1904, has always had strict rules on what drivers can and can’t wear behind the wheel, the regulations have been tightened recently with Hamilton being a long term vocal critic of them. 

At the recent Miami Grand Prix, the British driver abided by the rules behind the wheel (aside from keeping his earrings and nose piercing) yet blinged up at the press conference to, apparently, prove a point. 

Hamilton is doing a fine job of ruining his legacy. He’s undoubtedly a British icon, but his recent poor performances have left me disillusioned and his outright refusal to abide by FIA rules is worrying me to my very core. There is even a suggestion that the Brit could be banned from the Monaco GP if he continues to act up. 

Mark Noble Is A Footballing Icon

Mark Noble Is A Footballing Icon

Blatant Disrespect

What’s wrong with following tradition? The FIA has been around far longer than Hamilton has, over 110 years to be exact, and is far bigger than any single driver. The Brit may be one of F1’s biggest ever stars, but that doesn’t mean he can pick and choose which rules he does and doesn’t follow. 

I’ve seen far too much of this attitude in sports. Take a look at football players now - they can’t go more than five minutes without blurting out their political persuasions or worldview. Sports are supposed to provide us with an escape from the world’s problems and, however temporarily, make us feel as though our hardships have dissolved away. 

Seeing Hamilton’s outright disrespect for the long and storied FIA gave me flashbacks to the law and disorder we saw a couple of years ago. Hamilton’s issues with the lawmakers may be minor now, but we have no idea just how bitter this feud will get. 

I have a feeling the driver is channeling the rage he’s built up after his recent poor performances and is taking it out on the FIA. Knowing a new generation of drivers are ready to take his place, I find it most likely that Hamilton is simply lashing out at those above him in a last-minute attempt to save his ego. 

Hamilton claims the rules are a ‘step backwards’ for the sport. He also stated that: ‘’It seems unnecessary to get into this [the dispute]. I’m here to be an ally of the sport - we have bigger fish to fry.’’

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FA Cup Fans Who Booed Prince William Are A Disgrace

It’s About Principle Lewis

It’s not about the size of the issue, Lewis, it’s about the principle. You may not agree with the FIA’s rules and you do have the right to an opinion, but their status as the governing body of the sport that has made you such a household name is, I’d like to think, worthy of your respect and submission. I, for example, don’t agree with some of the laws and legislation of our government, but I will never waver in my support of them. 

Despite having an obscene amount of watches on his wrist, Hamilton is oblivious to the fact that his time at the summit of Formula One is up. A poor season on the track has been worsened by a fiery dispute off it, and it’s high time Lewis conceded defeat to the FIA and ditch the jewelry for good. 



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