FA Cup Fans Who Booed Prince William Are A Disgrace


My enjoyment of Saturday’s FA Cup Final was cut short by the disgraceful actions of some Liverpool supporters. 

Boos echoed around Wembley Stadium when Prince William stood to sing God Save The Queen and the jeers continued for the duration of the game. 

The Duke of Cambridge was introduced to the players before the game and proceeded to shake their hands as a number of Reds supporters voiced their disapproval.


Utterly Appalling

How utterly appalling. The FA Cup Final really is the crown jewel of English football and is the world’s oldest and most famous cup competition. It is not, and I repeat not, a platform to express toxic anti-Royal sentiment and an overall disdain of our wonderful, beautiful monarchy. 

To say I was outraged would be a massive, massive understatement. My excitement for the game was immediately ruined by the actions of some, yet not all, Liverpool fans and I went to bed that night without eating my usual supper. Such was my rage that I considered watching the rest of the game on mute and playing previous Queen’s speeches on my JBL headphones to calm me down. In retrospect, I should have done exactly this. 

Mark Noble Is A Footballing Icon

Mark Noble Is A Footballing Icon

Bradley And Sir Ed Davey Condemnation

The only saving grace to this pitiful ordeal is that I’m not alone in my outrage. Conservative MP Karen Bradley stated ‘’It is utterly unacceptable and disgraceful that fans booed Prince William’’ before adding that the Football Association should find the individuals and ‘’pursue those responsible.’’

Sir Ed Davey brilliantly said: ‘’We have the most wonderful Monarch and those fans who booed do not represent their clubs or country.’’ 

I fully agree, David, and think that the fans who were booing should face severe and immediate repercussions. I feel like a broken record saying this, but football should not be political under ANY circumstances. 

I Am Very Proud Of Prince William

I Am Very Proud Of Prince William

A Mark Of Disrespect For Our Queen

I normally feel immense pride for our national game but yesterday was a dark day for it. Remarkably, there were a certain percentage of people who actually approved the dreadful actions of the booing fans. Some stated that the National Anthem is nothing more than ' ‘blind patriotism’ ‘ - a statement that is so ridiculous I’m not even doing to dignify it with a response. 

What makes this even worse is the fact this happened during a Jubilee year. We should all be celebrating 70 years of being led by our glorious Queen and not, under any circumstances, be tempted into criticising her historic reign. 

Liverpool’s dislike over the so-called Establishment is a complicated story going back several decades. Whilst not all fans are anti-Monarchy, there are enough who are to worry me. It’s caused me to be embroiled in an emotional tug-of-war with the club - I love their on-pitch history, players, and achievements, yet I strongly dislike the worldviews of some of their fans. 

Seeing Liverpool lose would have been the very definition of poetic justice. However, it was not to be and the historic trophy is back at Anfield after a 16-year absence. 

Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments

Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments

Anti-Monarchy Sentiment Should Be An Offence

I’m starting to become more and more disillusioned with football. Just as my pride in our Royal Family is starting to hit its zenith, my spirit has been crushed with the scenes showcased at Wembley on Saturday night. 

Booing the Royal Family should be a serious offence in my eyes, and it would be the first rule I put into place should I ever become Prime Minister. 

I can only hope that those responsible are identified quickly. Not only did the fans disgrace our most historic cup competition, but they also brought great shame onto a nation that should be celebrating the reign of its greatest-ever leader.



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