Remembering Queen Elizabeth II - 2010’s


The 2010s are still fresh in our minds and they represent a time before COVID, Tik Tok, and original Netflix series. 

The decade was an up and down one for Britain, from the soaring heights of the 2012 Olympics to the rock-bottom realization that England had just been knocked out of the Euros by Iceland.

Let’s take a look back at the 2010s - the final full decade of Elizabeth II’s historic reign.

2011 - Royal Wedding

The new decade was underway in style with the lavish wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The ceremony was watched by millions of people around the world and showcased British pomp and circumstance at its very best.

The Royal couple remain happily married to this day and have written themselves within British folklore. 

2012 - Olympics and Diamond Jubilee

2012 was a great year for the proud Brit as they were treated to a home Olympics tournament, of which Team GB did extremely well, as well as the historic Diamond Jubilee to celebrate 60 glorious years under Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s Jubilee featured an iconic segment where Her Majesty ‘jumped out of a plane’ with James Bond actor Daniel Craig. A ceremony full of pagentrary, the ornate Diamond Jubilee was enough to bring a grown man to tears. 

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II - 2000’s

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II - 2000’s

2014 - Scottish Referendum

The growing profile of the Scottish Nationalist Party led to calls for Scotland to be given the chance to leave the EU.

A referendum was held in mid-2014 with the country almost equally divided in their views. A 55.3% majority, however, confirmed that Scotland would stay in the EU and the UK.

2016 - England Heartbreak as Brexit Arrives

The idea of a split from the EU occurred after the fallout of the Scottish referendum and, within a year and a half, David Cameron commissioned one to see if the British public were interested in a split of their own.

Fierce campaigns on both sides culminated in a vote in June 2016, where the Leave campaign shockingly won and the Brexit era was ushered in. 

The word ‘Brexit’ has become synonymous with 2010s lexicon and remains a hot topic even to this day - often derailing family conversations and pleasant talks around the dinner table. 

The UK’s unstable status was further compounded as England were dumped out of Euro 2016 by Iceland, much to the delight of Scottish and Irish viewers. Wales, however, reached the semi-ifnals of the tournament in their best tournament run ever. 

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II - 1980’S

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II - 1980’S

2018 - Royal Wedding

Another Royal wedding, this time involving Prince Harry, occurred on 19 May 2018. His bride was actress Meghan Markle, with the ceremony again receiving millions of views worldwide.

The Royal couple would only keep their status for 18 months, however, as they both left Windsor Castle in 2020 and wished to longer be associated with Britain’s greatest institution - a decision that broke hearts around the world. 

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II - 1960’s

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II - 1960’s

2019 - Boris Takes Over

David Cameron resigned from office after the Brexit referendum and handed the keys to Downing Street to former Home Secretary Theresa May, who subsequently became just the second female Prime Minister in British history.

Her reign was short lived, however, as she resigned in the summer of 2019 after a reign dominated by Brexit discourse and some questionable dancing. Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London, took over and promised to deliver Britain into the future.

The 2010s closed out with a fierce General Election where the Conservatives attained a landslide victory over Jeremy Corby’s Labour. After all was said and done, Boris Jonhson vowed that post-Brexit opportunities would make 2020 a great year for Britain.

How wrong he was. 


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