Just Stop Oil Hijacked 2022


Just Stop Oil, the group that have kept me up at night, are set to unleash yet more terror on innocent artworks as they plan on slashing them with blades. 

The group, who first came to my attention earlier this year, have been a perennial thorn in my side as their terrifying agenda and attacks against well-meaning leaders continue to escalate. 

Though their arguments against the use of oil and gas are worth listening to, it’s the conduct of the group that is nothing short of shameful. Their message isn’t idiotic but their methods are like something out of the Stone Age.



Just Stop Oil threw a can of soup on a Vincent Van Gogh painting and also chucked black, oily matter on a famous artwork in Vienna. Now, they plan on introducing weapons and using them to slash historic paintings in half. 

They’ve been labelled ‘morons’ by most of the public - including myself - yet the criticism seems to fall on deaf ears. 

Royal Mail Is Out Of Touch

Royal Mail Is Out Of Touch

Disruptions And Criminal Damage

St. Patrick’s Day was the first time that the eco-mob came to wider public attention as one of their brainwashed comrades glued himself to a goalpost during a Premier League match between Everton and Newcastle United. I was hoping that the stunt was a one-off and that I would never come across such an act again, however I was grossly mistaken. 

The hot summer of 2022 marked the pinnacle of Just Stop Oil’s repugnant reign of terror. As the nation simply wanted to sunbathe and relax, the group started attacking priceless artistic masterpieces and gluing themselves to everything in sight. Long-dead artists like Van Gogh were defenseless to the acts perpetrated against them, and well-off men like me were made to feel like the enemy. 

The mob have also ground London traffic to a standstill with a slow, laborious march throughout its streets. What will they do next? Perhaps it’s a question that is not worth asking. 

Two protesters are due in court for criminal damage, and I hope they get their just desserts during their trial. 

Mick Grinch's Nightmare Before Christmas

Mick Grinch's Nightmare Before Christmas

Escalations Expected

A Just Stop Oil spokesperson said the group will ‘'continue to escalate unless the government meets our demand'.  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like the words of a man who plans on stopping anytime soon. 

Just Stop Oil has hijacked the year 2022. Whilst I listened to their message at first, their heavy-handed tactics brought me, a grown man, on the verge of tears. As 2023 starts to appear around the corner, let’s hope that this vile eco-mob stays in the past. 


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