Shame On You Will Smith

Shame On You Will Smith

So apparently it’s normal to assault people on live television now? The fact Will Smith ended his evening with a standing ovation as he won his Oscar is just utterly insane. Instead, his night should have ended behind bars! 

Let me tell you, the Academy should also be stripping him of his best actor Oscar. If they don't then ask yourself what message does that send to the world! 


What Provoked Smith?

And to think all of this happened because of a joke… a joke. Welcome to 2022. It’s all very confusing as Will Smith initially laughed when Chris Rock told his “GI Jane” joke to the former’s wife. 

What happened in those split seconds that went from laughing to assault? Will Smith must have had a look from his wife, which prompted him to disgracefully slap Chris Rock. I think it’s very clear who wears the pants in that relationship.

Young children were no doubt watching when after slapping Chris Rock, Will Smith bellowed, “Keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth”. Stay classy, Mr Smith, stay classy. 

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Prince Harry Is A Disgrace

Ridicule Is Part And Parcel Of The Oscars

The Oscars, along with every other awards show, is renowned for actors and actresses cracking jokes before they hand out awards to their esteemed colleagues. Just look at Ricky Gervais, who has hosted the Golden Globes five times. 

The jokes he has told over the years were far, far worse than Chris Rock’s remark about Will Smith’s wife’s lack of hair, but did Ricky Gervais get assaulted on stage? Of course not.

Carrey Comments

Fellow actor Jim Carrey recently said Will Smith should have been arrested for hitting Chris Rock and I couldn’t agree more. Smith’s actions showed him off as nothing more than a bully, end of. 

Would Smith have acted the same way if the host was Dwayne Johnson, a man who is considerably bigger than Chris Rock? Again, of course not. Bullies pick on people who are smaller than them and that’s exactly what Will Smith did. 

And to top it all off, his crocodile tears during his speech resulted in a standing ovation from the audience, which just sums Hollywood up. 

Oscar Speeches Shouldn't Be About Political Protest!

Oscar Speeches Shouldn't Be About Political Protest!

Disciplinary Proceedings

When you thought Will Smith couldn’t stoop any lower, he actually REFUSED to leave the Oscars ceremony after hitting Chris Rock. A statement from the Academy read: “Mr Smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused, [but] we also recognize we could have handled the situation differently." 

The Academy also said how they have initiated “disciplinary proceedings” against Will Smith, which is music to my ears. I hope they ban him from next year’s ceremony. It’s the least he deserves. 

No matter how good an actor Will Smith is deemed to be, I would like to imagine film directors across the globe will think twice before hiring him for a role after what happened between him and Chris Rock. 

Horrendous Message

The whole sorry episode sends a horrendous message to people all over the world - assault someone with millions of people watching worldwide and get away with it without facing any legal action. Awful, truly awful.

Will Smith is a very, very lucky man, especially given Chris Rock’s refusal to press charges. The Madagascar actor probably wants to put this whole episode behind him. However, unfortunately, that will be almost impossible for him to do as the clip of the slap and the obscenities that followed will live on social media until the end of time.

Halfwit Boris Should Remain In Number 10

Halfwit Boris Should Remain In Number 10

Comedians At Risk?

Furthermore, Will Smith’s assault puts comedians all over the world at serious risk. What if a stand-up comedian, who is performing in front of a modest crowd, says the ‘wrong’ joke that someone takes offence to? Does that someone go up and slap the comedian? Will Smith going unpunished sets a dangerous, dangerous precedent.

All in all, Will Smith’s inability to take a joke is just another example of how sensitive and soft our world has become. Shame on you Will Smith!



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