Shocked And Disgusted By Harry Revelations


Prince Harry has released another bombshell is his deplorable new book, Spare, claiming that his older brother physically attacked him in 2019.

The former Royal claims that he and Prince William engaged in a fiery argument at Nottingham Cottage. The spat was allegedly caused by William labeling Meghan Markle as ‘difficult’ before pushing him to the ground, shattering a dog bowl in the process.


Perpetual Drama

The allegations came to light earlier this week, kicking off 2023 with a bang and threatening what should be a watershed year at Buckingham Palace. Instead of talking about the historic coronation of King Charles III, we’re instead wasting our time on the perpetual drama Harry and Meghan are so keen to stir. 

What sounded like a dispute between siblings has been written as if it was a thuggish assault by Prince William - something that is nothing more than a testament to how removed from reality Harry can really be. 

Though I’ve got no interest in his book or Netflix series, I have to admit these allegations made me shudder. Whilst I’ve always advocated that the Royal Family ignore him, this time I eagerly await their response. 

The King Should Step In

I think it’s high time the King stepped in and sorted out this mess. Whilst Harry and Meghan have every right to leave the Royal Family, such personal revelations are a bridge too far and, eventually, someone’s going to get seriously hurt - most likely, me. 

Books like Spare are only going to add more fuel to the growing fire of anti-Royalism we’re seeing in modern Britain. In 2022 alone, there were two egg-throwing attacks on His Majesty - both taking place weeks apart from each other. There was also a worrying amount of apathy surrounding the Platinum Jubilee in June, mostly by the younger generation who are the most vulnerable to Harry’s spiel. 

King Charles allegedly pleaded with the brothers to not make his final years a misery. Let’s not forget that our dear monarch has lost both of his parents in successive years and now has to follow the greatest reign in history. The King has plenty on his plate right now, and I condemn Harry for having the audacity to release this vile book at such a testing time. 

I was hoping Harry and Meghan remained in 2022, but the terrible twosome seem to be hellbent on staying in the tabloids for as long as humanly possible. 


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