Smart Motorways A Concern

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Pressure is piling on the authorities to remove smart motorways from our roads as quickly as possible.  

These so-called ‘smart’ motorways are anything but, with several Brits feeling their wrath in recent weeks. The AA have recently echoed my statements by advising that all of these deathraps be scrapped and condemned to the scrap heap of history before more people are harmed on them. 

Edmund King, President of the AA, recently said: ‘’Basically drivers don't trust them, the technology is not foolproof, and 37% of breakdowns on smart motorways happen in live lanes. And basically those drivers are sitting ducks.’’ Much like I always do after people of the elite speak, I applauded King’s statements for echoing my own opinion.  


Sunak Opinions

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak offered his opinion, too, stating: ‘’all drivers deserve to have confidence in the roads they use to get around the country".’’

Smart motorways are supposed to make our driving easier, but in reality all they do is create havoc, disruption, and confusion - much like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion protesters do with their vile tactics and lack of respect. 

Revert Back To Basics

It seems as though the powers-that-be is trying to fix something that isn’t broken, as motorways are one of the safety forms on the road already. Back in my day, anybody who suggested that motorways be complicated with flashing lights and technology would be rightfully laughed out of the building. 

This generation may be more sensitive than mine, but I would like to hope they have the common sense to demand change and revert back to the basics. 

Public Money Badly Spent

These roads, which use the hard-shoulder as an extra lane, are just the latest thing that have been handed to us despite nobody asking for it. Millions of pounds of public money have gone into their creation whilst the important things, like the safety of the Royal Family, continue to go unnoticed. During an economic crisis as bad as this one, I’d wager that the hard-pressed British public are feeling somewhat jaded. 

Despite having far more money than the vast majority of them, I can sympathise with them somewhat and I hope that the authorities do the right thing. Britain needs to keep up with the times, but our roads are best left alone. 


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