Spending Habits Are Why Youngsters Can’t Buy A Home


Nearly half of UK adults believe young people are to blame for their increasing inability to purchase housing. A study by London’s King’s College found that 48% of Britain’s older generation targeted consumer spending as the primary reason why young people continue to complain about the price of houses. 

Netflix, designer coffees, pretentious vegan lunches, and superfluous items of clothing just some are the main culprits behind the financial hemorrhaging experienced by naive young Britons and it comes as no surprise that they have no savings left to put a deposit down. A whopping fifty two percent of the great Baby Boomer generation said that if the youth were a little smarter, they would put their ‘hard-earned’ money away and focus on investments that actually matter. 


Fight Inflation By Working Harder

Some people say that young people have been priced out of the housing market due to the spiraling cost of homes. To that, I would urge people to open their dictionaries and look up the word ‘inflation’. 

House prices have gone up, yes, but the perpetual pity-party that young Britons indulge in is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of them and a roof over their annoying heads. We may live in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis (though, it has no bearing on me) but there is still the potential to make money if one is willing to work hard enough. 

Yet young people don’t seem to be willing to do that. Despite living in the greatest country on Earth, spearheaded by the benevolent Boris Johnson, young people prefer to remain idle and spend whatever income they have on unnecessary purchases and decadent food. The very notion of hard work and delayed gratification is neither cool nor dopamine-laden enough for the youth to take seriously, and what they’re left with is shattered dreams and a Premium Netflix subscription. 

It’s a shame, but it is no surprise given their lack of leadership qualities compared to the golden Baby Boomer generation or even my generation. Young people will blame the country’s economic problems, Brexit, and the COVID pandemic, yet will never direct criticism to themselves. 

Come To Your Senses Harry

Come To Your Senses Harry

Sympathy For Younger Generation!

I came across this study, I’m ashamed to admit, whilst reading The Guardian. Anybody who knows me knows that I swore to boycott this ‘newspaper’ due to their disgusting coverage of The Royal Family, however, I stumbled across this headline on Google and duly read the article. The piece marked a rare occasion where I actually agreed with something a Guardian writer had to say - a situation that is likely to only happen once. 

Laughably, there are some people who actually empathize with the plight of young people and think that their frustrations with the housing market warrant some justification. Dr. Wei Yang, head of the Institute of Gerontology, said: ‘’These results reveal that almost no generation gap exists in views on these challenging issues facing the young adults today, and both the old and the young show sympathy for the younger generations.’’

Superb Boris At It Again

Superb Boris At It Again

Manage Your Spending Habits

I don’t. But maybe that is because I grew up in an era where praise, plaudits, and respect were earned rather than demanded. If I was a young Briton today, then I have no doubt I would be able to navigate through this difficult time and land my first house with nothing more than some serious hard work and a donation from my wealthy parents. It isn’t rocket science, people. 

For anybody reading this who is under the age of 30, consider ditching the smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches and put that money towards that elusive downpayment. You won’t regret it, no matter how uncool you think it feels. 


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