'Strikemania' Ring In February


Britain’s terrifying striking fad reached a crescendo earlier as hundreds of thousands of workers decided to ring in February with a day-off. 

School teachers, who have just had a Christmas break, were joined by always-striking rail staff as they took the streets to voice their disapproval. Unlike the trains they operate, the protest was remarkably well organised and was suspiciously absent of any delays or cancellations.


School Closures

Over half (54%) of English state schools were either closed entirely or had restricted access as the striking workers found it appropriate to take things out on the British children. Much to the presumed horror of the pupils, picket lines and marches were conducted across streets as the participants targeted our well-meaning politicians. 

Disputes over pay and conditions have dominated the headlines, as well as my nightmares, for months now and it looks like the unrest isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s hard to believe that just nine months ago, the nation was unified in its celebration of the Platinum Jubilee and people were happy to put petty issues like salary to the side and instead focus on the real issues - placating our wonderful Royal Family. 

Britain’s Moral Fabric Under Pressure

The moral fabric of Britain is being bought-and-sold right in front of our eyes. Whilst I’m happy to give hard-working Britons the daily bread they deserve, let’s take a minute to remember what happened way back in 1381. 

My history teachers (who, incidentally, didn’t go on strike once) told grim tales about Wat Tyler’s rebellion across London, burning down regal buildings and beheading anybody who looked like they belonged in the establishment. Of course, the modern day strikers are a lot more civilised, but their core message is the same - being happy to bring the country to a standstill for the sake of their own interests. 

I was sincerely hoping that ‘Strikemania’ was going to end in 2022, but it looks like the sequel is unfolding in front of our very eyes. With yet more trains set to be cancelled and more schools set to be closed, I wonder what happened to the nation I love so much. 

Britain’s workers deserve a fair deal, but not at the expense of everyone else. Much like how the Great Depression plagued the 1920s, the Great Resignation will surely plague the 2020s. Haven’t we learned anything over the last 100 years? 


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