Summer of Chaos As Strikes Continue


Yet more train strikes are planned this week as Britain’s chaotic summer rages on. Only 20% of services are expected to run this week as over 45,000 rail workers walk out in protest over payment. Portsmouth, Swansea, and Blackpool will have no services whatsoever and trains north of Falkirk will be non-existent. 

August will see millions of people have their journeys disrupted as the 70s-esque strikes continue. Students will likely miss their university welcoming weeks, families may miss their flights, and wonderful government ministers may be late for important appointments - all for no good reason.


Side Of The 70’s Best Forgotten

When people say ‘Britain is returning to the 70s’ I normally grin with delight, but not this time as I know the connotations behind it. Rather than refer to the wonderful entertainment, macho culture, and legendary music of the day, the statement reflects the social chaos that gripped the nation for the majority of the decade.

Strikes were commonplace, anti-establishment discourse was in vogue, and punk music sent the youth of the day into moral freefall. It was a scary time and represented a side of the 70s that is best left forgotten.

I’ve spent the last four-and-a-half decades trying to forget the dark side of the 70s and seeing the normalization of strike culture in 2022 is a massive step backwards. Whatever happened to the ‘grind’ and ‘hustle’ that our predecessors undertook with so much passion?

Has it been lost due to our modern conveniences and desire for instant gratification? Or is Britain’s poor work ethic simply a reflection of most of its citizens’ distrust of the government that rules over them?

Premier League Nostalgia 2000/01 Season

Premier League Nostalgia 2000/01 Season

Don’t Blame Boris

If there’s one thing that’s not to blame, it’s our dear government. Boris Johnson has done a stellar job for this country and the current strike action is absolutely not his fault. It’s convenient to blame him now after his tragic departure, but to do so is both cheap and distasteful. The Prime Minister is enjoying a well-earned break in Greece, and any discussion of his name in regards to the current strike debacle is a crime akin to high treason. End of discussion. 

The current summer of chaos is a black stain on Britain's productive and efficient history. After this nonsense concludes, it’s only fitting that the events of 2022 be wiped from the history books and future generations only learn about the Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee. 

The strikes will roll on in August and maybe into September - a time that sees schools and university lectures return. Hopefully by then, the issue would have been resolved and Britain can get back to what it does best - leading the world and inspiring other nations to do as we do. 


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