Sycamore Gap Tree Vandalism A Disgrace


Landmark Tree Felled

We’re pretty used to hearing about bad news in 2023. In fact very little of the big news we receive, talk about and share is good news. But recently there was a piece of news that cut me to the core.

The landmark tree, situated beautifully on Hadrian’s Wall was felled in a disgusting act of vandalism, cutting down hundreds of years of growth, memories and history.

The tree was planted in the late 1800s and to the amusement of one or a small group of individuals it’s now gone. Cut in the night in an act of cowardness. 

I’m sure the police are doing everything they can to ensure those responsible are held to account and I’ve also seen that some experts are hopeful of how the tree, or at least a part of it, may be able to be replanted.

What scares me the most is that this might be something that starts a wave of vandalism amongst our beautiful, historic landmarks that make up parts of this great country.

Worst Of Modern Day Britain

Stone Henge, imagine if that was permanently valdalised or if the Giant’s Causeway is ruined. What could be next for some of our great landmarks? 

The idea of police or volunteers having to protect these iconic places saddens me as it shows the absolute worst of modern Britain.

I can only imagine that the horrid act of vandalism was done as part of a prank, presumably something that was designed to go viral on social media by a bored, good-for-nothing and selfish individual in the name of views and likes on Tik Tok. 

It shows that in 2023 some people care more about promoting themselves and winning fame on the internet than respecting the history and memories of other people. This selfish way of thinking really saddens me to the point where I wonder if this is a tipping point and that we will no longer have nice things.

Yes, there is a lot going on in the world at the moment, indeed the country, which warrants serious attention and support, but this story really stopped me in my tracks.

I’m, unusually, lost for words when it comes to summing up my emotions on this. It feels like a divorce from our traditions and some very twisted individuals ruining something loved and cherished. 

The calls for justice are loud, but the deep sadness and disbelief cuts deeper.


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