Thanks Eddie, But The Time Was Right


Eddie Jones is no longer the England boss, as his seven-year spell has come to an end following his team’s poor form.

Jones led England to the 2019 World Cup final against South Africa, yet those soaring heights seem like an age ago now. A torrid run of form has led Jones’ men to just five wins from twelve Tests this year. 

A review into England’s torrid 2022 has led to Jones being dismissed - some would say unfairly. However, the Australian must’ve known his time was limited for a while. 


Jones Statement

Speaking on his dismissal, Jones said: "I am pleased with much that we have achieved as an England team and I look forward to watching the team's performance in the future."

Whether you like or loathe the man, you can’t deny that his farewell message is classy and gracious. Jones has led England to some great times - including the 2020 Six Nations title and the 2019 World Cup final, England’s first since 2007. 

While the nation glows in the euphoria of the FIFA World Cup campaign, it’s important to take a minute to appreciate our great nation’s achievements in other sports. We are, after all, the only team in the Northern Hemisphere to lift the Rugby World Cup, though almost 20 years have passed since that glorious day in Sydney. 

Beckham Criticism Unjust

Beckham Criticism Unjust

Jones Made A Blistering Start

Jones entered Twickenham in 2015 as England’s first foreign coach, starting emphatically with a run of 17 straight victories. For a while, it seemed like the good times would never end. However, his side appear to not have recovered from the World Cup final loss, and have slowly but surely slid down the totem pole of international rugby. 

2022 really does feel like a year of transition in British society. With the changing Prime Ministers, chancellors, monarchs, and national head coaches, I can’t remember a year ending with so much uncertainty. I sincerely thank Eddie Jones for his contribution to English rugby, yet I remain excited about our future on the field. 

RFU chief executive Bill Sweeney said:’’He has the highest win ratio of any previous England head coach and has helped develop the leadership skills of many players and coaches.’’

Hamilton Vows To Fight On

Hamilton Vows To Fight On

Perfection Demanded

It’s indeed true that Jones leaves the England step up with the best win ratio of any of his predecessors, but isolated statistics just don’t cut the mustard with me. As great as Jones was, he should know by now that I demand perfection day in and day out. Perhaps he knew his time was up once he saw my rants about him on social media, or perhaps he overheard me discussing England’s poor form with a friend of mine. 

Either way, it appears Jones and I have different standards, and that becomes more and more apparent with each passing day. 


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