The World Needs More People Like Alyssa


A girl from Prestatyn has dedicated herself to helping the homeless by fashioning survival blankets out of discarded crisp packets. 

The cold Welsh winters make nights incredibly hard for those without a home. Freezing temperatures, chilly winds, and lashing rain are just some of the difficulties facing the homeless and, without adequate protection, the conditions could prove fatal. 

That’s why the girl, named Alyssa, has dedicated herself to helping out in whatever way she can. Since she does not have the biggest budget, she’s looked to practical, economical ways to undergo her production process and uses a common household item found in recycling bins everywhere - crisp packets. 

1992 A Tough Year For Our Queen

1992 A Tough Year For Our Queen

Keeping The Homeless Warm

Over the last year, Alyssa has fashioned more than 200 blankets and utlised over 10,000 waste crisp packets. Each one takes around an hour to make, but this labour of love could go a long way in saving the lives of several homeless people. 

‘’The bit I don’t like is washing them’’ - said Alyssa. Describing her production process in more detail, she went on to add that ‘’each packet has to be opened out so it’s flat and then washed in the sink.’’

‘’Then you take four of them, put under a piece of baking paper, and iron them so the heat fuses them together.’’

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Piers Morgan Interview With The Klitschko’s An Inspiration

National Acclaim

Alyssa’s wonderful, selfless acts have been noticed by both the local and national press and her commitment at such a young age deserves plaudits. When complete, her blankets resemble those given to marathon runners and people pulled out of cold water. The foil in these blankets are so important as they prevent heat loss and raise the wearer’s internal temperature. 

Crisp packets are famously difficult to recycle and a huge amount of them are simply discarded into streets, parks, and alleys. Alyssa’s work, therefore, serves two purposes - to help keep the homeless population warm and provide a proper use for a common litter item.

Alyssa’s mum, Darlene, said: ​​"She's passionate about the environment, and the homeless support organizations in north Wales have been very positive about the blankets."

It’s great to read about stories like this and we can only hope the actions of this young girl inspire others to help those in need.


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