Tindall’s Celeb Appearance Is A Worry


Former England Rugby star Mike Tindall has upset Prince William and Kate Middleton by appearing on I’m A Celebrity..Get Me Out Of Here! 

A Royal biographer has warned that Tindall’s appearance on the show could bring the Monarchy’s reputation into disrepute and inflict even more pain on the Royal Family after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Tindall is the first person associated with the Royals to appear on the show and is married to the Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Phillips.


Angela Levine Comments

The biographer in question, Angela Levin, stated: ‘’What's persuaded him? Is it because he's bored and wants to have some fun? Is it because he's desperate to earn more money?

"I think it brings the royal family into disrepute.’’

She later added that Tindall’s admission that him and his wife both ‘like to get smashed [drunk]’ would sully the good Royal name and lead some members of the public to, God forbid, discover that those in the Monarchy actually have things in common with the rabble. 

As much as I admired Tindall’s rugby career, I worry that his appearance on I’m A Celeb may damage the stellar reputation the Royals have. It’s fine to enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage, but openly stating you enjoy drinking to excess hardly connotes a regal image. 

I’m A Celeb Move Great For Hancock

I’m A Celeb Move Great For Hancock

Be Mindful Mike

I sincerely hope that Tindall tones his comments down and remembers just how hard times are for the Royal Family. Not only have they lost both The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in the last two years, but they also have to deal with a cost-of-living crisis and the shenanigans of Harry and Meghan on the other side of the Atlantic. 

Maybe we can chalk Tindall’s excitement up to the fact he’s discovering what it’s like to live like a commoner. I have no idea what the lower classes get up to, but I can imagine it involves eating bugs, undertaking dangerous tasks to win food, and surviving with hardly any material possessions. 

The former rugby player is reported to earn £150,000 for his appearance on the popular TV show - a meagre sum for a Royal - and has, despite the controversy, charmed the public with his anecdotes and his surprising rapping skills. 

The Royals are also reported to be worried by the imminent release of Prince Harry’s memoirs. Times are indeed tough for the monarchy at the moment, and one can only hope that Mike Tindall considers this before he makes any more boorish comments. 


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