Tropicana Creates Cereal Designed For Use With OJ


Tropicana has become a staple of our morning routines. Millions of people begin their days with a glass, or bottle, of it during their breakfasts and the brand-name itself is known to virtually everybody.

Die-hard fans of the brand will like, or loathe, the company’s decision to create a CEREAL specifically created for use with orange juice. 

Yes, you read that right - a cereal designed for use with orange juice. Hundreds of years of habit have told us that milk is the only acceptable pairing with the food, but Tropicana is apparently content to change the narrative and convert people to orange juice.


Tropicana Crunch

I can understand using an alternative to cow’s milk for cereal (such as almond or oat) but using orange juice sounds diabolical. Tropicana Crunch, the new cereal, is described as a honey and almond cereal using dense granola instead of thin flakes. This, apparently, was done so that the thicker grains would better handle the acidity of the orange juice. 

The cereal’s box will also include a paper straw so that users can drink the remaining juice after they’ve finished eating should they be tempted. It sounds like a revolting combination, but then again I have yet to try the product. However, some mysterious text on the product’s website has led some to question the validity of the cereal and whether or not it even existed. 

One look at the Tropicana Crunch websites tells me the company is very confident about their new venture. They state ‘’Some call it weird. Some call it breakfast. We…didn’t even know it was a thing.’’

Neither did I, and neither did anybody else. They also state that the cereal is ‘’down to be drowned in OJ’’ and ‘’May not be for everyone (but it could be you!)’’

Women Gives Birth During Metallica Gig

Women Gives Birth During Metallica Gig

Belated April Fool?

For all my criticism of the new cereal, I was shocked to find out that the cereal ‘sold out’ within 24 hours. The banner text on the website says ‘’Sad it’s over. But happy it happened’’, leading some to wonder if the product was nothing more than a hoax. Was this nothing more than a belated April Fool’s joke?

If the cereal was nothing more than a publicity stunt, then it worked well. The company seems to be very tight-lipped and committed to this as boxes of the cereal have ended up on eBay for huge money. However, these listings only feature a screenshot of the product and contain no homemade photos. One can only hope nobody actually spent their money on this, as there’s a good chance they’ll receive nothing in return. 

One thing’s for certain, though - if you do receive a box of Tropicana Crunch, make sure you don’t eat a bowl of it after brushing your teeth. 



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