Women Gives Birth During Metallica Gig


A 39-year-old woman has given birth at a Metallica show in Parana, Brazil, certainly a place far more exciting where most of us came into the world. 

The legendary metal band was halfway through their signature song, Enter Sandman, when Joice M Figueiro went into labour. She bought the tickets three years ago, long before the baby’s conception, and never dreamed that she’d give birth in such an unusual location. She did, of course, leave the concert early, but she now has a great story to tell in the future.


Delivered During Enter The Sandman

It’s almost fitting that she delivered the baby during Enter Sandman. Not only is it ironic due to the song’s title, but it being the band’s biggest hit and most well-known song means that the child received a crash-course on Metallica and heavy metal music in general. 

Life really would come full circle if the baby grew up to be a rock musician. Figueiro stated: the whole day was very crazy’’ before joking that she should name the child James Ulrich - a portmanteau of lead singer James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. 

The baby was born healthy and its mother expressed her thanks for the messages of support she had received. ‘’I’m great physically and trying to understand how this happened.’’ 

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Metallica Announcement

Metallica themselves took to social media to make the announcement and the incident has made for wholesome news around the world. The story left an impression on their millions of followers and their post was shared several thousand times. The baby received a great welcome home from both his parents and legions of music fans all over the globe. 

However, this isn’t the first time a baby has been born at a concert or music festival. In 2019, a woman gave birth to a baby at a Pink festival and, that same year, a baby was delivered into this world at Glastonbury Festival. Babies have also been born at sports events, on aeroplanes, and even on public transport.

Births like these make for great stories. Whilst most of us were born in hospital or at home, there’s always something universally compelling about hearing stories of unusual birthplaces. 

Though the memory will remain with Figuerio and Metallica fans alike. Though missing a concert can be annoying, when you compare it with giving birth to a son - nothing else matters. It’s a sad, but true, fact that this baby was born in a place much more exciting than us.



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