Twitter Is A Complete Fiasco!


New Twitter boss Elon Musk shocked everyone by recently unveiling  a poll asking people if he should resign as CEO after just eight weeks in charge.

57% of polled Twitter users voted in favour of Musk departing, presumably due to the chaos generated in his brief reign. Ten million total users were keen for the Tesla boss to depart, whilst millions of others were keen for him to remain. As you can imagine, the poll created plenty of fiery discussions. 

Musk said he would indeed step down as CEO, though the nature of social media makes his pledge hard to believe. He remains a decisive figure on the Web, though I think we can all agree the billionaire purchased a poisoned chalice.


Twitter A Hateful Platform

My problem with Twitter, though, far predates the Elon Musk era. Ever since its inception, I’ve been worried that this website would be the downfall of both the Internet and respectful discourse as a whole and it looks like I’ve, once again, been proved to be right. 

You’re unlikely to find a more vapid, hateful digital platform anywhere on the planet. I never thought I’d say this, but sometimes I yearn for the days of the early Internet and primitive social media sites. They were hardly sophisticated, but they sure had more character, charm, and unity. 

Clarkson Abuse Crossed The Line

Clarkson Abuse Crossed The Line

Musk Reign Controversial

Musk’s two-month spell at the summit of the Twitter board has been caked in controversy and may very well be the biggest waste of $44 billion ever. No matter what your political beliefs are, you can’t argue that the site is truly a mess, with tribalism and idiocy across the political spectrum. 

Social media is hopefully a passing fad, and I can only wish that future generations realise the error of our ways and vanquish it from humanity. What started off as a way to keep in-touch with friends has degenerated into a cesspit of hate, trolling, and advertisements. If you ask me, this is nothing short of sad. 

The ongoing Twitter fiasco is a reminder that social media sites may have been a mistake. If you want to achieve true happiness and contentment in life, then consider removing them from your life for good. 


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