Tyson Fury Is A "National Treasure"


Tyson Fury’s glittering career continued this weekend with a stunning 6th round KO of fellow Brit Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium. The event was a terrific advert for British sport with two world-class athletes going toe-to-toe under the bright lights of Wembley Stadium. Fury stole the show as expected with one of his finest performances, however sadly announced after the win that this will most likely be his last. 

Fury encapsulates everything I love about British sport. He’s tough. He’s down to Earth and has not forgotten where he’s from. Dare I say it, Tyson Fury is a national treasure, and all I hope is that he changes his mind and steps into the ring one last time to face the winner of Joshua and Uysk, a fight that could elevate him alongside the very best in boxing history. 


National Treasure

That’s a big statement - as I’d usually only reserve such a title for a Royal or great Prime Minister. However, there have been a few times where I’ve used the phrase to describe a sportsperson - with Sir Bobby Charlton (look him up, kids) being the example that first comes to mind. The reason why I believe Fury is a national treasure is that he is delightfully British and is unwilling to sell out like many others before him. 

His interviews are brash, to-the-point, and are dripping with confidence.He reminds me of the kind of men I’d see in my local pub back in the day, before corporate chains and suit-wearing pencil-pushers took over. Despite being only 33 years old, Fury is reminiscent of an old-school (and extinct) British machismo. He’s a dying breed in a society that seems to lose more and more of its edge every day and it’s vital that he keep characters like him alive. 

Woke Brigade At It Again

Woke Brigade At It Again

Risen From The Ashes

The boxer’s impeccable boxing record is something to behold and is a testament to the fighting spriting and never-say-die attitude this country is known for. The boxer was once mired in a deep depression, considered retiring, and has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Does this sound familiar? It should do, as Britain will surely rise out of its current crises and return better than ever. 

Unlike some of our other sports stars, Fury is still in touch with his roots and chooses to reside in Morecambe rather than a flashy London apartment or house. He’s a family man who has owned up to the demons in his past and refused to let them defeat him. He reminds me of me in many ways and I, for one, would happily share an ale with him should I ever find myself in Morecambe. 

Fury Has Lifted The Nation

At a time when the nation needs a hero, Tyson Fury provides the goods. Even with as many problems as we face in this country, we can forget all about our troubles and watch a British masterclass take place in our very eyes. 

I was expecting great things from the fight and it delivered. Two British boxers in their prime competing under the bright lights of the best arena in the world. Despite Fury's comprehensive win, Whyte showed plenty of courage, and it was result that left me in no doubt that Great Britain was the winner! 


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