UK Inflation Rate Hits 40-Year High


The UK’s inflation rate has recently soared to 11.1% - its highest since 1981. 

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that inflation has grown 1% since September, with thousands of Brits struggling to pay their bills. As the country heads into winter, worries that homes will have to go without heating are starting to mount. 

Britain really is in danger of returning to the late 1970s, only this time we won’t have ABBA and Dad’s Army to get us through. 

The majority of Brits do not even own a holiday home to escape to, though I remain, as always, an exception.


Younger Brits To Blame?

While most of the UK looks at our politicians with scorn, I can’t help but look at younger Britons and wonder where it all went wrong.

Disruptive protests, horrifying anti- Royal sentiment, and a general apathy to work has rendered this country a battleground of poor attitudes and drifting priorities.

Look at Just Stop Oil for example. If I was in my early 20s, would I be free on a midweek afternoon to glue myself to the A27? No, I’d have been too busy working for any of that nonsense. 

Young people would rather spend their money on digital subscriptions, overpriced ‘organic’ coffee, and decadent holidays to Thailand to ‘find themselves’. What happened to the generation who rolled their sleeves up and got on with it?

I bought my first house thanks to my hard work, my can-do attitude, and a substantial loan from my father. Did I sit around all day gluing myself to paintings? No. Did I write derogatory opinion pieces about the elite? Never. 

Neville’s Integrity Questionable

Neville’s Integrity Questionable

Luxury Purchases

I don’t know how many times I have to say this - Netflix subscriptions and electric blankets are not essential purchases. Sure, they’re worth peanuts to me, but young Britons aren’t in my financial position.  

Mark my words, the economy will fix itself once Britons start to realize the impact of their luxury purchases. Dopamine-releasing cash splashes may feel good in the short term, but the lack of serious investment in this country has come back to bite us in our behinds. 

Grant Fitzner, chief economist of the ONS, said: ‘’Rising gas and electricity prices drove headline inflation to its highest level for over 40 years despite the energy price guarantee. Over the past year, gas prices have climbed nearly 130% while electricity has risen by about 66%.’’

Fitzner is far too polite to give an honest answer, so I’ll do it for him - the reason why the UK is in this mess is because of the avocado-toast-eating, macchiato-swilling young professionals of this country who’d prefer to work in their pajamas rather than on the fields or in Britain's factories. 

Perhaps my generation should show these youths how it’s done. 


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