Unity Not Protests Is Required


Last week, thousands of people descended on the streets of London to protest the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and lack of wage mobility in the United Kingdom. 

Protesters point to the supposed lack of government action on a fiscal epidemic that has left many Britons (yet not me) unable to heat their homes or cook more than a few things per day. The mob marched from Portland Place to Parliament Square and created their fair share of noise pollution as they shouted dangerous chants about our dear Prime Minister.


Horrified To See Anti-Gov Sentiment

I saw the protests in-person and was horrified at what I saw. The sheer abundance of anti-government and anti-Boris sentiment sent shivers down my spine and I responded to the diabolical march by pulling down my curtains and donning my earplugs. I was not, under any circumstances, going to let this protest ruin my day or change my perception of those in charge. 

Those who attended the protest carried large signs with vague, meaningless slogans written on them. One read ‘’cut war, not welfare’’ whilst another read ‘’end fuel poverty, insulate homes now’’. Hopefully these signs are censored when they’re shown on the news, but the increasingly obvious political agenda of mainstream news outlets makes me doubt this very much. 

I Abhor Train Strikes!

I Abhor Train Strikes!

Vulgar Protests

Whilst I support the public’s right to protest, I found this demonstration to be vulgar and I was horrified by how many people showed up to it. They say monsters live among you, but I had no idea it would be this many. Our government is doing all it can to keep the crisis at bay, with MP’s giving practical advice such as buying value brands, and learning rudimentary cooking skills. 

People have lambasted this advice as being out-of-touch, but then they’ll turn around and say that this incredible government is doing ‘nothing’ to support the lesser-off. I find this to be deeply hypocritical and offensive to those who so generously serve us in Parliament. 

Boris Johnson, the man who has guided us through three era-defining crises, deserves all the respect we can give him. The country may be in tough financial straits at this moment in time, yet a tiny examination of this crisis will reveal it is not the Prime Minister’s fault at all. Sometimes, I wish I could speak to the great man in person and thank him for everything he’s done for us. 

Priti Patel A Breath Of Fresh Air

Priti Patel A Breath Of Fresh Air

Unity Is Required

The protesters also demanded for Britons to be paid an increased salary - a plan that was immediately shot down by Johnson. The Prime Minister said that was ‘’cynically abandoning’’ the idea of transforming Britain into a land of high wages - a move that was met with great applause by yours truly. I support CEOs, entrepreneurs, and influential thought leaders (such as myself) being rewarded with more money, but giving everyone a lucrative pay increase will only make Britain’s inflation problem that much worse. 

The protest was a shameful day for Britain. At this challenging time, we must unite together and tackle our problems the British way - by rolling our sleeves up and getting to work. Complaining, dilly dallying, and blaming others for our plight is not how we do things around here. 

Britain needs unity now more than ever. If we continue to treat the government with utter contempt, then the moral fabric of this great nation risks being ripped apart like cotton wool. The only way we’re going to get through this fiscal crisis is by getting our heads down, working hard, and supporting those in Parliament as much as we can. 


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