Monopoly Slingo Slot Review


Monopoly Slingo online slot is a unique game that combines all of the original's traditional elements of the board game with the very famous Slingo format. Monopoly Slingo online slot is a 5 reels 10 paylines that combines Bingo and Slots. It offers a max payout of 4,000x your stake. Walk through our Monopoly Slingo Slot Review to learn more about the game, its features, and bonuses.

Monopoly Slingo Slot Details and Features

Monopoly Slingo Slot Game

Monopoly Slingo Slot UK mixes Slingo and the board game Monopoly. It has five rows and ten paylines. The minimum and maximum bets are 0.25 and 25 respectively. The RTP is 95.30%, which is slightly lower than the market average of 96.0%. Because the volatility is high, large winnings are conceivable, but it may take some time. The goal of the game is to complete Slingos by landing on properties scattered over the board. The original silver playing pieces are still used to move across the board, and the board properties are the same as in the traditional game. The game has a maximum win range of 500x to 4,000x your stake.

Game Symbols 

When you click 'help,' Mr. Monopoly, the original mascot of the game, offers assistance and instruction. We always recommend that you review the information on any game.

The original silver playing pieces are still utilized to travel across the board, and the characteristics on the board are the same as in the conventional form. Land on the opulent Park Lane, or will you wind up on Old Kent Road. Just don't end up in jail. These are Monopoly outcomes that you will encounter on Monopoly Slingo Casino Slot.


The RTP when you play Monopoly Slingo Slot is 96% which is the industry average. This is a high volatility slot which can mean that there will be long periods without wins before hitting large ones.

How To Play Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly Slingo Slot Gameplay

Use the 'Stake' button to place your stake, and you're ready to go! To begin playing the Monopoly Slingo Mobile Slot, simply click the 'Start 7/8 Rolls' button and roll the dice. As you go around the board, you'll be gaining properties. When you land on a property, it is highlighted on the Slingo grid in the center of the board, along with all other properties of the same color, as we discovered in our Monopoly Slingo online slot review. Money will be added to your 'free parking' account each time you pass Go. If you find free parking, you will be able to collect the cash. In our Monopoly Slingo Slot machine review, we discovered that it incorporates Chance and Community Chest cards.

If you land on them, you will be dealt a random card that contains either a prize or a penalty. You could be relegated to another property, imprisoned, or rewarded financially. If you end up in jail, you'll need to roll a double in order to get out. If this does not occur, you will be discharged after the third attempt. Extra rolls are available at the end of the game for a charge, which is stated on the button. Press 'collect' to end the game and collect any winnings.

Monopoly Slingo Slot Bonus Features

  • Joker. If you land on the game's joker symbol, you can select a card to help you finish a Slingo. Unlike in typical Slingo games, where a joker allows you to mark a number in the column directly above it, the joker in this game selects and shuffles a card from each property set. You will be transported to the property you selected after selecting your card.
  • Free Spins. Begin with 7 or 8 rolls or Free Spins in Monopoly Slingo Mobile Slot. Because there are a total of 25 properties on the 5x5 grid, when you roll the dice and land on one, all occurrences of that property's color are eliminated from the grid. In addition, all of the attributes in this game act as multipliers, with values ranging from 2x to 10x your wager. When you collect all of the properties in a set, a multiplier is given to all of the prizes on the win ladder.

Review Summary of Monopoly Slingo Online Slot 

The Monopoly Slingo slot has excellent graphics and combines the Slingo game play and the classic board game. If you are an older player looking for something different then this game is for you. New players may take a few spins before they get adjusted. Fans of the board game and players who have not played Monopoly can find something to enjoy like the 4,000x your stake maximum possible win.



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